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Best Balisong Trainer in 2024

Best Balisong Trainer

Stepping into the world of balisong or butterfly knives can be a thrilling yet daunting endeavor. For the uninitiated, the intricate dance of the knife, known as "flipping", can be mesmerizing to watch and even more captivating to master. However, before one dares to venture into the territory of live blades, it is imperative to perfect the craft safely, and that's where balisong trainers come into play.

As a replication of a butterfly knife but without the sharp edge, a balisong trainer allows enthusiasts to practice flipping skills without the fear of injury. Over the years, we've seen a surge in the demand for these trainers as more people aspire to master the art of flipping. But with so many options available on the market, how do you choose the best one?

Welcome to our in-depth exploration into the world of balisong trainers! In this blog post, we're shining the spotlight on the crème de la crème of trainers in 2024: The Squidtrainer V4 from Squid Industries. Combining innovation, craftsmanship, and user-centric design, the Squidtrainer V4 has managed to capture the hearts of beginners and seasoned flippers alike. Let's delve in to discover what makes it the undisputed champion of balisong trainers in 2024!

Best Balisong Trainer

Introduction to Balisong Trainers

Understanding the Balisong Market

Balisong, or butterfly knives, have been a popular choice among knife enthusiasts and hobbyists for decades. The beauty of balisongs lies not just in the knife itself, but also in the art of "flipping" - the act of manipulating the knife through a series of moves and tricks. However, learning to flip a live blade can be risky, which is where balisong trainers come in.

The Rising Trend of Balisong Trainers

Trainers mirror the weight and feel of a balisong knife, without the sharp edge. They are the ideal tool for beginners and experts alike to perfect their flipping techniques without the risk of injury. Over the years, the demand for high-quality trainers has skyrocketed. And leading the pack in 2024 is none other than Squid Industries with their flagship product, the Squidtrainer V4.

Best Balisong Trainer

Squid Industries - A Market Leader

Squid Industries has been at the forefront of balisong trainers since 2015. Their commitment to quality, innovation, and customer feedback is unparalleled.

Squid Industries' Innovations and Milestones

Over the years, Squid Industries has continually integrated user feedback into their products. Their iterative approach to product development has led to significant advancements in design and performance.

Best Balisong Trainer

The Squidtrainer V4 - A Flagship Product

The Squidtrainer V4 is the embodiment of these advancements. Introduced in 2024, it has been lauded as the best balisong trainer on the market.

Exploring the Squidtrainer V4

Origin and Development

The Squidtrainer is the original product from Squid Industries and continues to be their flagship product. It was the first balisong trainer to be produced by the company and has been continuously improved over the years, with the feedback from flippers worldwide taken into account. The Squidtrainer V4 was released in November 2022 and it presents significant changes compared to the first version produced in 2016. All Squid Industries balisongs are manufactured and assembled in the USA.

Best Balisong Trainer

Design and Build Quality

The Squidtrainer V4 boasts an integral channel handle design machined from 6061 T6511 aluminum alloy. This construction features a machined handle texture pattern and bead blast finish for improved grip. The handles and blade spine have been rounded for enhanced comfort and durability. Additionally, press-fit stainless steel rods are installed into the ends of each handle to improve the overall feel and momentum.

Enhanced Features of the Squidtrainer V4

The latest version introduces 416 stainless steel bushings, providing maximum smoothness and minimal handle play. Jimping has also been added to the ends of each handle, allowing for increased grip and stability.

Best Balisong Trainer

Specifications and Performance

With a weight of 4.4 ounces, a total length of 10 inches when open, and a 5.2-inch blade, the Squidtrainer V4 offers an unparalleled flipping experience. The balance, weight distribution, and smooth pivot action make it an ideal choice for both beginners and seasoned flippers.

User Feedback and Reviews

The Squidtrainer V4 has received rave reviews from the balisong community, with users praising its build quality, performance, and aesthetic appeal.

The Squidtrainer V4's Standing in the Community

Its popularity has earned it a place in the collections of many balisong enthusiasts worldwide, further cementing its position as the best balisong trainer in 2024.

Best Balisong Trainer

Where to Buy the Squidtrainer V4

The Squidtrainer V4 is available directly from Squid Industries' website and authorized retailers.

Ordering and Unboxing Experience

Each and every Squid Industries balisong is hand-assembled and tested to ensure that each unit is an exceptional flipper. All Squid Industries Balisongs come with a box and sticker and are thread locked.


What is a balisong trainer?

A balisong trainer is a non-sharp version of a butterfly knife, designed to practice flipping skills safely.

What makes the Squidtrainer V4 the best balisong trainer in 2024?

The Squidtrainer V4 combines superior build quality, enhanced features, and excellent performance, making it the best choice in 2024.

Where can I buy the Squidtrainer V4?

You can purchase it directly from Squid Industries' website or from authorized retailers.

How is the Squidtrainer V4 different from its predecessors?

The V4 features improved bushings, handle design, and overall performance compared to its previous versions.

Is the Squidtrainer V4 suitable for beginners?

Yes, it's suitable for beginners and experts alike, offering a safe way to practice and perfect flipping skills.

Best Balisong Trainer

Final Thoughts

The world of balisong flipping can be as exciting as it is challenging, but with the right trainer, anyone can master the art safely and enjoyably. This journey of learning and mastering becomes significantly more achievable and thrilling with the Squidtrainer V4.

The Squidtrainer V4 by Squid Industries sets the gold standard for balisong trainers in 2024. Its outstanding quality, innovative design, and impeccable performance make it an ideal tool for flippers at all skill levels. Whether you're just starting your flipping journey or you're an experienced flipper looking to refine your skills, the Squidtrainer V4 offers an unrivaled flipping experience that caters to all your needs.

The combination of exceptional materials, cutting-edge manufacturing processes, and user-focused design enhancements make the Squidtrainer V4 more than just a trainer - it's a tool that grows with you, adapting to your evolving skills and challenges.

So if you're on the lookout for the best balisong trainer this 2024, look no further. The Squidtrainer V4 is undoubtedly the top choice, the pinnacle of performance, durability, and comfort in the realm of balisong trainers. Don't just take our word for it - try it out for yourself and experience the difference!

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