Armour Wallet Box Set Setup Guide

Armour Wallet Instructions

WARNING: Using the screwdriver provided, tighten all the screws before use.

Step 1: Gently place (up to 12) cards into the wallet. The elastic track will be naturally very tight out of the box. Give it a week or two, and the elastic will naturally mold around your cards making it much easier to access them.

Step 2: Using your index finger, push the cards out via the cutout semicircle.

TIP: For easy access, place your more frequently used cards in the front and/or back of the wallet.

Key Holder Instructions

Step 1: Using the multitool card, unscrew the two screws on the back of the key holder.

Step 2: Remove the metal backing and the washers.

Step 3: Place a washer between each key to seperate them. (To add additional keys, screw in the two metal extensions provided)

Step 4: Place the metal backing on top of the keys.

Step 5: Using your hand or the multitool card, carefully screw the two screws into the metal backing. The more you tighten the screws, the harder it will be to swing them out. We recommend not over tightening the screws as it will increase the difficulty of accessing them. 

TIP: To attach a key fob, insert the bottle opener provided between your keys.

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