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5 Best Father's Day Gifts for Everyday Carry Dads

Fathers Day Gifts for Everyday Carry EDC Dads

This Father’s Day it’s time for you to step up your game. No, seriously. You owe this man. He taught you right from wrong, the value of hard work, how to treat a woman (or if you’re a woman how to be treated by men), and hopefully how to change a tire. So, please no ties or socks this year. We’re hoping our 5 Best Father’s Day Gifts for everyday carry (EDC) dads will inspire you to be the son or daughter he always wanted, by giving him the toys he’ll treasure for a lifetime.

1) Flashlight

5 Best Father's Day Gifts for Everyday Carry Dads

Number one on our list are flashlights. Every man needs to carry a flashlight. What you say? But you have a light on your phone. No, you don’t, and this is why your phone is always running out of power. Remember two is one and one is none. A flashlight is a necessary tool. You can use it in a restaurant, when looking for things in dark spaces, at night to see everything around you, and definitely in almost any outside job. Plus, you can shine it in the face of any creep who tries something stupid.

For the dressed-up dad… The 5.11 EDC PL 2AAA Flashlight. It will fit in any suit pocket next to his pen. Your dad carries a pen, right? The 5.11 is slim, elegant, and tough at the same time. It’s made from machined aluminum – like our wallets – so it’s going to stand the test of time. Because it doesn’t have a tactical look it won’t draw any attention so it’s even airport friendly.

For the around the shop dad… He’s always doing something around the house, in a service bay, on rooftops, in the garage or the shed, or maybe under the hood of that cool car he still won’t let you drive. The Maglite ML25LT LED 2-Cell C Flashlight. This is an “old school” flashlight that your dad will pass on to you. I still have my Maglite that belonged to my father from 30 years ago. This midsize flashlight is great around the house, and you can add one in every car. The quality and durability of Maglites is legendary. A bonus is that they are made in the USA! Well California, but still.

For the operator dad... Surefire E2D Defender Ultra. This is the everyday tactical light that brings the light to the fight. With a 1000 lumen beam, you’ll never be in a blind spot again, and with its “Strike Bezel” this light becomes an easy to access means of self-defense. It’s also made in the USA.

2) Knife

5 Best Father's Day Gifts for Everyday Carry Dads

Number two on our list are knives. Yes, everyman needs a knife. Why? Opening boxes, letters, and other tasks; plus, self-defense if you need it. There are a lot of knives out there and each man has his favorite but stick to these three types and you can be his hero on Father’s Day this year.

For the suit and tie dad… The Victorinox Classic Alox. It’s actually a classic Father’s Day Gift. This tiny wonder contains a small blade, screwdriver, nail file, scissors, and of course a key ring. It’s the perfect small EDC pocketknife. You can take this anywhere and use it for small emergencies. It looks polished and professional. It’s made to exacting specifications, by the same people who make Rolexes, the Swiss.

For the dad who gets things done… Maybe he’s on the factory floor, maybe he’s out in the field. This is where you need a knife that you can beat up, but still rely on. The Benchmade Bugout Family. Customizable to your particular ‘mission’, these American Made folders will be with him for decades. They are tough and take a beating. The blade can be plain or serrated drop point – your choice – and with a length of 3.25 inches you have the right amount of cutting surface. 

For the “operator” dad… The USMC KA-BAR, Straight Edge. From Iwo Jima, straight up to the Rhine, and into Baghdad, the KA-BAR has been in the hands of the greatest fighting force the world has yet seen, the US Army. Made of-course, in the USA this knife is still used by branches of the military today.

3) Bag

5 Best Father's Day Gifts for Everyday Carry Dads

Number three on our list is bags… We love the term “Man-Bag” around here. Pockets just don’t cut it. When you need a place to carry knives, multi-tools, computers/tablets, cameras, wallets (like ours), flashlights and more your pockets just won’t do it anymore. So, with that said, let’s look at a few of the bags out there.

For the hipster/street wear dad… Maybe you have a dad who is more up on street style than you are. Shoulder messenger bags are being worn by rappers and ballers, so suddenly it’s cool. The ROCKCOW leather studio’s full grain leather casual messenger bag gets slung on your shoulder. It leaves your hands free, your pockets clean, and your look “fresh” without overdoing it. Great for your phone, wallet, keys, and some small electronics. This Father’s Day your dad just might be more “street” than you.

For the everyday carry dad… Sometimes he’s in the office, and often he’s in the field, but he still needs his paperwork, laptop and more. The Nutsac Satchel 13 is a small “gray man” bag that can be used to hold paperwork, a small laptop/tablet (around the size of a MacBook or iPad Pro), or even a handgun. It has an understated yet sophisticated look with more room than you expect. Perfect for suit and tie or to pop into your Jeep. Made in the USA from waxed-canvas and full grain-leather. This will last.

For the operator dad… He’s got a lot to carry to get his mission done; maybe he’s a first responder, maybe he’s making our world just a little bit safer overseas, or he could just be a regular guy making a daily commute. The 5.11 Rush12 2.0 Backpack 24L is the latest version of the iconic and legendary 5.11 Rush series. They’ve added a new easy access conceal carry compartment as well as a padded laptop sleeve. There’s a reason why they call it “the bag that launched a million missions.” With room for all of your gear on a daily basis, this is the bag that you want your dad to have, and honestly you might want it too, for the missions in your life. 

4) Watch

5 Best Father's Day Gifts for Everyday Carry Dads

Number Four on the list are watches… Please don’t let your father, or yourself, be that guy who doesn’t have a watch and has to at his phone for the time. Seriously it’s just lame. So yes, even with our cellphones a man still needs a watch.

For the techie dad… He’s been a fanboy of Apple ever since the first Macintosh came out in 1984, and is always attached to his MacBook. Even if you love your Microsoft Surface better, there is only one smart watch to own. The Apple Watch. It doesn’t just keep time, it can monitor your pulse, keep you up to date on your notifications and texts, and even unlock your MacBook. Yea, it’s that good.

For the everyday carry dad… He doesn’t need all the tech in the world, but he does need a good-looking time piece on his wrist. Men who wear watches are more punctual, stylish and sophisticated. It’s what his grandfather did, his dad did, and what you should do too. And many of those men wore a simple Timex. Timex is a no-nonsense set it and forget it type of watch. Like the old commercial said, it takes a licking and keeps on ticking. Timex has a multitude of watches available on its website, but we love the Timex Standard Chronograph 41mm Fabric and Leather Strap Watch. Easy to use, easy to set up, and always in style.

For the operator dad… For the dad who is always out in the field, be it overseas, as a first responder, in the shop, or just about anywhere a super tough watch is needed, and yes it is needed, we recommend the Casio G-Shock GA900-1A. This is the watch you take into your daily battles. With mineral glass, legendary shock resistance, and water resistance down to 200 meters, the watch might come out of action in better shape than your dad. Even the battery will last a full seven years. G-shocks look great on the street too.

5) Multi-tool

5 Best Father's Day Gifts for Everyday Carry Dads

Number five on the list are multi-tools… If you can’t fix it right away, you have to rely upon someone else and possibly put yourself in danger. Your dad just isn’t that type of guy. He’s the kind of guy that always can make repairs and move forward.

For the office dad… In the office you often have to be careful about what you carry, and that includes multi-tools, but this Leatherman Style PS is even TSA friendly. Of course, that is no guarantee but, it’s nice to know you can fix things at 20,000 feet in the air or from your office cubicle chair.

For the do-it-yourself dad… He’s that dad who taught you how to change your tire, because every man (and woman) needs to know how. And even if you have AAA in your phone, you still better know. Do-it-yourselfers love the DEWALT 16 Multi-Tool. 16 tools in one small compact package. Screwdrivers, plyers, wire cutters, scissors and much more. Surprise your dad by dropping one in his truck and one in his garage.

For the operator dad… When you’re out in the field, your equipment has to work, because there are no second chances. The Gerber Truss Molle in Black is the tool that performs without question every time. Placed on his belt or in his pack, this tool will last, mission after mission. Includes a serrated blade, a saw, screwdrivers, a ruler, and other needed tools.


But wait, there’s “one more thing.” Of course, our Axwell Wallets make the perfect Father’s Day Gifts. Durable, long-lasting and stylish. With plenty of colors  and materials to choose from there's bound to be a perfect wallet for your dad. If your dad always loses his wallet you can also get him our Axwell x Chipolo - Tracker Bundle. 

 We hope you enjoyed our Father’s Day EDC (Everyday Carry) guide.

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