In 2017, Axwell launched with the goal to re-invent the everyday carry wallet. Today we continue to make exceptional EDC products designed for our customers to carry with them every single day.

Products designed for Everyday Use

If it’s not slim, long-lasting, and easy to carry anywhere - we didn’t make it. 

Axwell designs tough wallets and accessories for hard workers. We invest in better production practices, higher-quality materials, and timeless designs so you can buy one wallet that will last a lifetime.

What Makes Us Different

Are you tired of products that consistently under-perform and fall apart? At Axwell we do things differently.

Run by a small, passionate team out of the USA, Canada, and Spain we operate lean, design in-house, and craft iconic everyday carry essentials using the world’s most durable materials.

The Things You Carry Daily Matter

Axwell was founded with the aim to create lifelong, industrial quality, minimalist products. We pride ourselves on our unique approach to industrial design, with a focus on three main areas: product development, innovation and aesthetics.

We design and develop every product from scratch with an obsessive dedication to quality, durability, and functionality. The result? Nothing but the best everyday carry products on the market.


We’ve made it our mission to not only design, build, and test the best wallets and accessories on the market, but to also give back.

Our goal is to give homeless veterans a place to call home. We are proud to donate a portion of the proceeds from every sale to charities in the USA and Canada that work to end veteran homelessness.