Axwell has been featured in numerous publications, including The Modest Man, Tech Writer, The Gadgeteer, and Durability Matters, among others. These articles have highlighted Axwell's commitment to producing high-quality, stylish, and functional everyday carry products, as well as its innovative use of materials and design.

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The Axwell Press Kit is a comprehensive resource that provides journalists, bloggers, and influencers with all the information they need about the company, its products, and its mission.

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Having carried an Axwell Wallet for months, I don’t see going back to cowhide any time soon.

Blair Witkowski - Tech Writer

I believe the Axwell metal wallet is worth buying. It’s well-made and thoughtfully designed, and the colors look great in person, too.

Brian Adee - The Modest Man

From the 3 wallets like this that I have used, I found the Axwell to be the easiest to operate. Reinserting my cards, in particular, is painless.

Modern Castle - Derek Hales

These are solid, well-made, very attractive and usable wallets, and we would certainly rate them a strong buy.

The Wallet Shoppe

Axwell has invested heavily in sourcing only the finest materials on the market when creating its wallets and accessories.

Duuude Crew