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15 Best Metal Wallets for Men in 2024

15 Best Metal Wallets for Men

In a world that is increasingly fast-paced, the emphasis on durability, function, and style in our everyday carry items is stronger than ever. Answering this call is the rise of metal wallets. Built for longevity, resistance, and streamlined design, metal wallets are quickly becoming a must-have item for men who demand more from their gear.

Welcome to our exploration of the 15 Best Metal Wallets for Men in 2024. Our selection features standout brands including Axwell, Secrid, Trayvax, Gerber, Rugged Material, Akeeni, Vice Hardware, Dango, Fantom, Aviator, Gil-Tek EDC, Spigen, Cappla, Decadent Minimalist, and Hell-Bent. These brands have pushed the boundaries of design and material use, creating wallets that are not only durable and functional, but also sleek, minimalist, and befitting of the modern man.

Axwell Metal Wallet For Men

Whether you're an adventurous spirit drawn to sturdy gear, a minimalist who appreciates the sleek lines of metal design, or a tech-enthusiast looking for the next wave of innovation in wallet technology, we have something to suit your taste. Each of these wallets brings something unique to the table, combining aesthetic appeal with strength and convenience.

Join us as we delve into the world of metal wallets, where superior craftsmanship meets sleek design and superior durability. We'll dissect what makes each of these wallets unique and why they deserve a place in your pocket. So buckle up, gentlemen, as we embark on this exciting journey, exploring the strength, style, and substance of the best metal wallets that 2024 has to offer. It's time to discover the wallet that doesn't just carry your cash and cards, but mirrors your strength, embodies your style, and withstands the test of time.

Best Metal Wallets 

Axwell Metal Wallet For Men

1) Axwell Metal Wallet

Axwell, a renowned name in metal wallets, boasts over 100,000 satisfied customers globally. Their wallets, a blend of quality, style, and functionality, have redefined the concept of a typical wallet.

Crafted from military-grade materials, the Axwell Metal Wallet offers unmatched security against RFID theft. Its advanced RFID Secure Technology employs a special metal composite to block RFID signals, protecting your personal information.

But Axwell goes beyond security. Their wallet is built for endurance. Instead of replacing your wallet every few months, with Axwell, you make a lifetime investment. The wallet's durability promises satisfaction and peace of mind for the long run.

Axwell Metal Wallets For Men

Balancing style and functionality, the Axwell Metal Wallet sports a slim profile, fitting perfectly in any pocket. With the unique Mag-Lock™ technology, it allows customization to match your style, while the detachable money clip and cash strap offer versatile carrying options.

Choosing the Axwell Metal Wallet isn't just a decision - it's a smart investment in security, durability, and style. As thousands of Axwell customers can attest, you'll thank yourself in the future for this wise choice.

Secrid Metal Wallet For Men

2) Secrid Metal Wallet

The Secrid Metal Wallet is a minimalist's dream, embodying the core of all Secrid products. With a patented mechanism, it offers quick and easy access to your cards with a simple motion. Crafted from aluminum, the wallet safeguards your cards against bending, breaking, and unwanted RFID and NFC communication.

It can hold 4 embossed or 6 flat cards, ensuring utmost RFID/NFC security. The new layer of powder coating not only enhances its finish but also covers any superficial flaws, assuring top quality and protected cards. 

Trayvax Metal Wallet For Men

3) Trayvax Metal Wallet

The Trayvax Contour Metal Wallet is a sophisticated, CNC-machined front pocket wallet, brimming with features like an integrated bottle opener, adjustable sliding clasp, and RFID protection.

This premium wallet boasts a refined design with stainless-steel, brass, or titanium base, a durable PVD-coated top plate, and top-grain oil-tanned leather wrapping that develops a unique patina over time. Compact, lightweight, and backed by a lifetime heirloom warranty, the Trayvax Contour is a blend of elegance and functionality, all sourced and made in the USA.

Gerber Metal Wallet For Men

4) Gerber Metal Wallet

The Gerber Barbill Metal Wallet is a versatile EDC (everyday carry) solution, offering space for up to 7 cards and available in four stylish colors. This slim, lightweight wallet is built with a heavy-duty frame, featuring a flexible elastic band for secure storage and a handy built-in bottle opener.

With its travel-friendly design, you can effortlessly take it anywhere, even through airport security. The Gerber Barbill stands as a testament to Gerber's commitment to quality, backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

Rugged Material Metal Wallet For Men

5) Rugged Material Metal Wallet

The Rugged Material Ranger Metal Wallet is a compact, minimalist solution for those seeking a durable and functional wallet. Designed to accommodate 8 cards plus cash, it includes a built-in bottle opener and a 12-tool Ranger card, featuring wrenches, a tool driver, and more.

This steel wallet, precision-made and coated for corrosion resistance, ensures excellent durability. It features RFID-blocking technology for data security and is TSA compliant, making it travel-friendly. Proudly made in Cedar City, Utah, USA, the Rugged Material Ranger comes with an unbeatable lifetime guarantee, promising a wallet that's built to last. 

Akeeni Metal Wallet For Men

6) Akeeni Metal Wallet

The XSTO wallet by Akeeni, made from aerospace-grade aluminum, is a decent piece of engineering. It combines quality, function, and aesthetics in an ordinary package. Created from a single piece of metal, this wallet is designed for durability, offering a standard money carrying experience.

The XSTO Wallet has a secure card holding system and while it's different from other wallets, it's essentially a metal wallet that combines resilience and design, though whether it's the last wallet you'll need might vary person to person.

Vice Hardware Metal Wallet For Men

7) Vice Hardware Metal Wallet

The Vice Hardware Metal Wallet, although handcrafted and anodized for uniqueness, comes at a considerable price. With a patented design, this wallet is made entirely from titanium, including the hardware and an optional money clip or Airtag.

Despite its capacity to hold up to 12 cards and 15 bills securely and offering RFID protection, the cost may not necessarily justify the benefits for everyone. Its compact size, while elegant, and the fact it's made in the USA, don't necessarily make up for its high price tag. This wallet may not provide value for money for those on a budget or those looking for practical, affordable options.

Dango Metal Wallet For Men

8) Dango Metal Wallet

The Dango A10 Adapt Metal Wallet is a customizable wallet option, with no tools required for adaptation. It's constructed from 6061 aerospace grade aluminum, promising sturdiness, and offers a unique rail mechanism for quick access to your cards. However, it only accommodates up to 5 cards in total, which may not be enough for some.

The wallet does come with RFID blocking for security. An extra clip for cash or notes is available but sold separately, meaning you might have to spend more for full functionality. With its single pocket adapter, you can carry 3 additional cards. Made in the USA, it's a decent pick for those seeking an adaptable, aluminum wallet.

Fantom Metal Wallet For Men

9) Fantom Metal Wallet

The Fantom Metal Wallet is a compact, modular wallet aiming to fit all your essentials. It has a unique fanning technology for easy access to your cards, but this design is exclusive to Fantom. Made in Canada, the wallet is built with durability in mind, even going through multiple stress tests. However, its claim to be "unparalleled" might be too ambitious.

It offers a lifetime warranty and RFID protection, which are nice features, but are not unique in today's wallet market. The inclusion of an Apple AirTag Holder and Smart Tracker could be handy if you often misplace your wallet. Overall, it's an okay choice if you're looking for a wallet that's a bit different, but nothing groundbreaking.

Aviator Metal Wallet For Men

10) Aviator Metal Wallet

The Aviator Metal Wallet, crafted from aluminum, this compact wallet has an innovative slide pull strap that allows easy access to up to 20 cards. It also features a lightweight cash clip made from either carbon fiber or recycled plastic, and a multifunctional compartment that's useful for storing coins, keys, or even SD cards.

Its flexible adjustment capability, thanks to an elastic strap built into the frame, lets you tailor the wallet's capacity according to your needs. All these attributes make it a practical choice for those seeking minimalist design without sacrificing functionality, but nothing truly sets it apart from other similar products on the market.

Gil-Tek EDC Wallet For Men

11) Gil-Tek EDC Wallet

The Giltek RAW is a "Rapid Access Wallet" made with materials ranging from anodized aluminum to grade 5 titanium, with a stainless steel variant as well. Depending on your needs, it can hold up to 9 cards for the plus size model or up to 6 cards for the slim variant. Its design includes a quick solid metal card for added RFID blocking functionality.

Though it offers a solution to the issue of 'bulky wallets', the Giltek RAW is nothing more than a basic metal wallet. Its selling point, however, is the commitment to local production, as each wallet is proudly made in America. But overall, it's just an okay option for those who need to slim down their daily carry.

Spigen Metal Wallet For Men

12) Spigen Metal Wallet

The Spigen Metal Wallet, while equipped with an all-around aluminum finish, offers just a basic cardholder experience. It provides RFID protection and has an elastic nylon cash strap, which is a nice addition. The wallet can secure up to 12 cards without adding much bulk, making it a light carry.

However, its overall look and features are pretty standard, offering little to stand out from the crowd. The wallet is finished in black aluminum material, adding to its overall ordinary appeal. 

Cappla Metal Wallet For Men

13) Cappla Metal Wallet

The Cappla Metal Wallet is a move away from old, bulky wallets, offering a slim design that fits into any pocket. Its build and functionality are fairly basic and it positions itself as a minimalist wallet.

It claims to be made from premium materials, although specifics are not provided. While it aims to be the "True minimalist wallet", it seems to offer a pretty standard experience overall, without any standout features.

Decadent Minimalist Metal Wallet For Men

14) Decadent Minimalist Metal Wallet

The Decadent Minimalist DM1 is an aluminum wallet that is just large enough to hold a credit card. Made from a single piece of aircraft aluminum, the wallet holds up to 8 cards with a patented design that aims to retain and protect your cards securely.

The wallet's size and weight, ranging from 13 to 25 grams, makes it a lightweight option. However, it is simply a bare-bones card holder with no standout features or additions for cash or other items, providing an adequate experience.

Hell-Bent Metal Wallet For Men

15) Hell-Bent Metal Wallet

The Hell-Bent Wallet is an American-made, minimalist-style wallet with a patented fan-out technology for ease of access. It comes in two versions, the 2.5, a thermoform plastic case, and the 3.0, a sleeker aluminum variant. Both offer RFID protection and are available in medium or large sizes.

They can be paired with any of Hell-Bent's money clips for added functionality, except for the "fat stack". While its construction and materials offer durability, the wallet's design and features are fairly standard, making it a suitable choice.

Axwell Metal Wallet For Men

What are Metal Wallets?

Metal wallets, also known as metal card holders or metal RFID wallets, are a type of wallet designed for people who value security, durability, and minimalist design.

Design and Material

As the name suggests, these wallets are made of metal – commonly stainless steel, aluminum, or titanium. Some high-end versions may also be made from metals such as carbon fiber or aerospace-grade materials. They are designed to be slim and lightweight to easily fit in your pocket without causing any discomfort or bulkiness.

Most metal wallets have a sleek, modern aesthetic, often with brushed or polished finishes. They're usually built to hold a specific number of cards (like 5-12, for example), with some designs allowing a bit of room for folded cash or, less commonly, a small amount of coins.

RFID Blocking

One of the main features of metal wallets is the RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) blocking technology. Traditional leather wallets don't provide this protection. RFID chips, which are embedded in many modern credit cards, passports, and IDs, can be read from a distance by electronic scanners. This could potentially lead to identity theft or unauthorized access to personal information. Metal wallets prevent this by acting as a shield that blocks RFID signals.


Compared to traditional leather or fabric wallets, metal wallets are highly durable. They're resistant to wear and tear, water damage, and other common issues that can deteriorate the condition of conventional wallets. This durability makes metal wallets ideal for people with active lifestyles or those who work in harsh environments.


Many people prefer metal wallets because of their minimalist design. They encourage carrying only the essentials, reducing clutter and unnecessary items. This can help to simplify and organize personal belongings, leading to less hassle when you're on the go.


Some metal wallets come with options for customization, like the Axwell Wallet. The Axwell Wallet offers a unique level of customization, allowing you to tailor it to your personal style and needs. With interchangeable cover plates, you have the flexibility to mix and match different colors and materials to create a wallet that reflects your individuality. Whether you prefer a sleek and minimalist look or a bold and vibrant design, the Axwell Wallet can be customized to suit your taste. Additionally, the detachable money clip and cash strap provide further customization options, allowing you to choose how you want to carry your cash. With the Axwell Wallet, you have the freedom to create a personalized accessory that not only meets your functional requirements but also showcases your unique style.


There are various types of metal wallets, from simple card holders to bi-fold and tri-fold designs. Some have elastic bands or clips to hold cash, while others have integrated money clips. Certain designs incorporate features like integrated tools, such as bottle openers or small knives.

Axwell Metal Wallet For Men

Types of Metal Wallets

There are several different types of metal wallets available, each with their unique features and benefits. Here is an overview of the most popular types:

Metal Card Holder

This is the simplest form of a metal wallet, designed to hold credit cards and IDs. These are typically the most slimline and minimalist options. They can often hold anywhere from 1 to 12 cards and some have a mechanism that fans your cards out for easy access.

Metal Wallet with Money Clip

This type of wallet has an integrated money clip to hold bills. It combines the card-holding functionality of the basic metal card holder with the ability to securely carry cash.

Metal Bi-fold or Tri-fold Wallets

Taking inspiration from traditional leather wallet designs, these have a hinge or fold that allows them to open and close. They generally have more space for cards and cash, and may include small pockets for items like coins or keys.

Slider Metal Wallets

These wallets have a sliding mechanism that pushes your cards out from the top for easy access. They can be a great combination of convenience and security.

Tactical Metal Wallets

Some metal wallets incorporate multi-tool functions. These can include tools like bottle openers, wrenches, screwdrivers, or even small knives. They can be a good option for people who value practicality and like to be prepared for various situations.

Axwell Metal Wallet For Men

RFID Blocking Wallets

While most metal wallets offer some degree of RFID blocking, some are specifically designed with this purpose in mind and may use additional materials or technologies to enhance their RFID blocking capabilities.

Modular Metal Wallets

Modular metal wallets are innovative, customizable wallets made from durable metal. They often have interchangeable parts or compartments, allowing for personalized configuration based on the user's needs. This could include varying the number of cards they hold, adding money clips or coin compartments, or incorporating multi-tools. 

Luxury Metal Wallets

These are high-end versions of metal wallets, made from premium materials such as damascus steel or carbon fiber. They often have more sophisticated designs and may offer extra features like personalized customer service.

Smart Metal Wallets

These are modern wallets that offer technological features like GPS tracking or Bluetooth connectivity, enabling you to track your wallet if it gets lost.

Axwell Metal Wallet For Men


Are metal wallets heavy to carry around? 

Despite their metal build, many metal wallets are designed to be lightweight and comfortable for everyday carry. Manufacturers use lightweight alloys to balance durability and portability.

Are metal wallets durable and long-lasting? 

Yes, metal wallets are known for their durability and longevity. The sturdy materials and construction ensure they can withstand daily wear and tear.

Are metal wallets airport-friendly? 

Generally, metal wallets are airport-friendly. However, for a smooth security screening process, consider removing your wallet from your pocket before passing through metal detectors.

Can metal wallets cause discomfort while sitting? 

Metal wallets can feel slightly different from traditional wallets, but they are designed to be comfortable for everyday use. Some users may prefer to place them in their front pocket to avoid discomfort while sitting.

Are metal wallets suitable as gifts for men?

Yes, metal wallets make excellent gifts for men who appreciate both style and functionality. They are a thoughtful and practical gift option.

Do metal wallets have a warranty?

Many reputable brands offer warranties on their metal wallets, providing customers with added assurance and confidence in their purchase.

Where can I find a variety of metal wallets to choose from? 

You can explore a wide selection of metal wallets in various styles and designs at Axwell. View our collection of metal wallets here

Axwell Metal Wallets For Men

Final Thoughts

2024 presents an array of options for men seeking a metal wallet. From sleek, minimalist designs to modular, adaptable constructions, these wallets offer not only a modern aesthetic but also essential features like RFID protection and compactness for front pocket fitting. While some models may command a higher price tag or require additional purchases for full functionality, they all strive to meet a variety of needs and tastes.

As we've seen, whether you want something with a standout design like the Axwell Wallet, or a more humble, minimalist choice like the Gil-Tek, the metal wallet market has a lot to offer. Each of the wallets we've discussed offers its own unique set of strengths and potential drawbacks.

As always, the best wallet for you depends on your specific needs, style, and budget. Happy wallet hunting in 2024! 

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