25 Cheap Fathers Day Gifts in 2024

25 Cheap Fathers Day Gifts

Father's Day is just around the corner, and while we all want to show our dads how much we appreciate them, it can be tough to find the perfect gift without breaking the bank.

That's why we've compiled a list of 25 Cheap Father's Day Gifts for 2024 that are sure to show your dad how much you care without hurting your wallet. From practical gadgets to heartfelt DIY projects, there's something on this list for every type of dad.

So whether you're looking for something personalized, practical, or just plain fun, keep reading to find the perfect gift for your dad this Father's Day.

1) NY Times Best Selling Book

Cheap Fathers Day Gifts

A book can make a thoughtful and affordable gift for Father's Day. Consider gifting a New York Times bestseller that aligns with your dad's interests, such as a biography, self-help book, or thriller novel. You can find these books at a local bookstore or online book retailers like Amazon.

2) Gourmet Coffee or Tea Sampler

Cheap Fathers Day Gifts

For the coffee or tea-loving dad, consider gifting a sampler of gourmet coffee or tea. You can purchase these samplers online or from a local gourmet food store. These samplers come in various flavors and strengths, making them a perfect gift for dads who enjoy trying new things.

3) Multitool Card

Cheap Fathers Day Gifts

A multitool card is a small and affordable tool that can fit in your wallet. It contains a variety of tools such as a bottle opener, screwdriver, ruler, and can opener. These tools can come in handy in various situations, making it a perfect gift for a dad who likes to be prepared.

4) BBQ Grilling Accessories

Cheap Fathers Day Gifts

If your dad enjoys grilling, consider gifting BBQ grilling accessories like a grill brush, tongs, or a meat thermometer. These items are affordable and useful, and can help your dad elevate his grilling game.

5) Engraved Beer Mug or Whiskey Glass

Cheap Fathers Day Gifts

If your dad enjoys a good beer or whiskey, consider gifting an engraved beer mug or whiskey glass. These can be purchased online or at a local engraving store. Engraving your dad's name or a special message adds a personal touch to the gift, making it a memorable and affordable option.

6) AirTag Money Clip

Cheap Fathers Day Gifts

If your dad is always misplacing his cash, consider gifting him an AirTag money clip. This affordable and practical accessory utilizes the Apple Find My network to help locate your money clip quickly. Made with high-quality stainless steel and a lightweight design, this money clip is a great gift for any dad looking to keep his essentials organized and secure.

7) Handmade or Personalized Picture Frame

Cheap Fathers Day Gifts

For a thoughtful and personalized Father's Day gift, consider gifting a handmade or personalized picture frame. You can purchase a plain wooden frame and decorate it yourself, or order one online with your dad's name or initials engraved on it. Include a favorite photo of you and your dad to make it even more special.

8) Movie or Game Night Basket with Snacks & Treats

Cheap Fathers Day Gifts

Create a fun and relaxing movie or game night at home for your dad by putting together a basket filled with snacks and treats. Include his favorite candies, popcorn, chips, and drinks. You can also include a new movie or board game to enjoy together as a family.

9) Desk Organizer

Cheap Fathers Day Gifts

Help your dad keep his workspace neat and organized with a desk organizer. There are many affordable options available that can hold pens, paperclips, and other office supplies. Look for one with a stylish and modern design that matches your dad's office decor.

10) Personalized Coffee Mug

Cheap Fathers Day Gifts

A personalized coffee mug is a classic and affordable Father's Day gift that your dad will use and appreciate every day. You can order a mug with a funny quote or a picture of you and your dad printed on it. Choose his favorite color and style for a gift that is both practical and sentimental.

11) Key Organizer

Cheap Fathers Day Gifts

A key organizer is a practical and budget-friendly gift for any dad who is always on the go. Help him keep his keys organized and in one place with a sleek and stylish key organizer. Look for options made with durable materials like aluminum or titanium, with enough storage to fit all of his most used keys. 

12) Leather-Bound Journal

Cheap Fathers Day Gifts

For the dad who loves to write or jot down his thoughts, a leather-bound journal or notebook is a thoughtful and budget-friendly gift. Look for options with refillable pages, or ones with unique designs or covers that reflect his personality and interests.

13) Socks or Slippers

Cheap Fathers Day Gifts

Socks or slippers may seem like a common and unexciting gift, but they can actually be a thoughtful and practical choice for a dad who values comfort and coziness. Look for options made with high-quality materials like wool or cashmere, or ones with fun and unique patterns.

14) Whisky Chilling Stones

Cheap Fathers Day Gifts

Whiskey chilling stones are a perfect gift for the dad who loves to enjoy his whisky without diluting it with ice. These stones are made from materials like soapstone or granite and can be chilled in the freezer before use. They provide a subtle cooling effect to the drink without watering it down.

15) Battle Axe Bottle Opener

Cheap Fathers Day Gifts

The battle axe bottle opener is a unique and budget-friendly gift that any dad will appreciate. This tool is made to look like a small battle axe, with a bottle opener built into the blade. It's perfect for any dad who loves to grill or enjoys outdoor activities like camping or hiking.

16) Phone Case

Cheap Fathers Day Gifts

A phone case is a practical gift that will protect your dad's phone from scratches and accidental drops. Look for a phone case that is durable and shock-resistant, and consider personalizing it with your dad's favorite color or design.

17) Personalized Golf Balls

Cheap Fathers Day Gifts

For the dad who loves to hit the links, a set of personalized golf balls is a perfect gift. Look for golf balls that can be customized with your dad's name or initials, or even a funny message. This gift will add a personal touch to your dad's golf game and show him how much you care.

18) Baked Goods or Favorite Snacks

Cheap Fathers Day Gifts

If your dad has a sweet tooth, consider baking him some homemade cookies, brownies, or other treats. Alternatively, put together a basket of his favorite snacks, such as nuts, jerky, or chips. This gift is not only budget-friendly, but also shows your dad that you put thought and effort into making him feel special.

19) Sports Team or Band T-Shirt

Cheap Fathers Day Gifts

Show your dad that you know his interests by gifting him a hat or t-shirt with his favorite sports team or band logo. Look for a high-quality, comfortable material that he can wear again and again.

20) Car Detailing Kit 

Cheap Fathers Day Gifts

Help your dad keep his car looking its best with a car detailing kit. Look for a kit that includes everything he needs to clean and maintain his car, such as microfiber towels, car wax, and tire cleaner. This gift is not only practical, but also shows your dad that you care about his car and want him to drive safely and comfortably.

21) Beard Oil 

Cheap Fathers Day Gifts

For dads with facial hair, beard oil is a thoughtful and affordable gift. Beard oil helps to moisturize and soften the beard while also keeping the skin underneath healthy. Look for a beard oil that is made with natural ingredients like jojoba oil, argan oil, or coconut oil, and comes in a pleasant scent. A few drops of beard oil go a long way, making it a cost-effective gift for Father's Day.

22) Hot Sauce Sampler

Cheap Fathers Day Gifts

If your dad loves spicy food, a hot sauce sampler can be a great gift idea. You can find a variety of hot sauce sets online or at specialty stores that offer a range of flavors and heat levels. Look for a sampler that includes sauces made with different peppers or has unique flavors like smoky or sweet. This affordable gift will add some excitement to your dad's next meal.

23) Insulated Double Wall Mug

Cheap Fathers Day Gifts

An insulated double wall mug is a practical and affordable gift for dads who love their coffee or tea. These mugs keep drinks hot or cold for longer periods of time and are often made with durable materials like stainless steel or ceramic. Look for a mug with a comfortable handle and a spill-proof lid for added convenience.

24) Puzzle or Brain Teaser Game

Cheap Fathers Day Gifts

For dads who enjoy a challenge, a puzzle or brain teaser game can be a fun and affordable gift. Look for games like a Rubik's Cube, Sudoku, or a jigsaw puzzle that will provide hours of entertainment. These games are great for improving cognitive skills and keeping the mind sharp.

25) Toiletry Case

Cheap Fathers Day Gifts

A toiletry case is a practical and affordable gift for dads who travel frequently or enjoy outdoor activities like camping. These cases come in various sizes and materials and can hold all of your dad's toiletries and grooming essentials in one place. Look for a case that is lightweight, waterproof, and has multiple compartments for easy organization.

Final Thoughts

You don't have to spend a fortune to show your dad how much you appreciate him on Father's Day. With this list of 25 cheap Father's Day gifts, you can find a thoughtful and budget-friendly present that your dad will love.

From a New York Times best-selling book to personalized golf balls, from an AirTag money clip to an insulated double wall mug, these affordable gifts are a great way to express your gratitude and love for your dad without breaking the bank.

Remember, it's not the cost of the gift that matters, but the thought and effort put into it that counts. 

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