7 EDC Gear Items We Can't Live Without

7 EDC Gear Items We Can't Live Without

For us here at Axwell, EDC (everyday carry) is a way of life. Every day, we end up employing multiple parts of our EDC kits to meet the challenges that we face. From opening up boxes with our knives to using our multitools for handling everyday maintenance issues that pop-up, our EDC kits are constantly being used.

EDC Gear

If you’re like us and constantly are solving problems quickly and efficiently, you need an EDC kit that is up to take on the day-to-day challenges without fail. There are tons of products out there to build your EDC kit around, so how do you sift through all of the gear to find the gems that won’t let you down? Well, as the old adage goes “success leaves breadcrumbs.” We’ve gone around the shop here at Axwell HQ and found some common themes among the team to share them with you. Here’s our 7 EDC gear items that we can’t live without.

What Makes a Good EDC Item?


EDC is all about efficiency. If you’re carrying heavy items, it makes it incredibly difficult to maximize your effectiveness while using these tools. They slow you down in your day-to-day movements and lead to faster fatigue throughout the day. 

Some of the best materials that EDC items are made from include aluminum and carbon fiber. Both of these materials are incredibly lightweight while also incredibly strong.

7 EDC Gear Items We Can't Live Without

Fits in a pocket

A big part of maintaining an effective EDC kit is having it be within reach at all times. To that end, you have to be able to carry each part of your EDC kit on your person. Having EDC gear stowed away inside of a backpack isn’t going to produce the efficiency or effectiveness that you need as it takes time to rifle through zippered pockets to locate a piece of gear. Plus, you are much more likely to get separated from your backpack than your clothing in an emergency situation! Be sure your EDC gear can fit in your pockets for an optimized load out.

7 EDC Gear Items We Can't Live Without


When we pull out a piece of our EDC gear, we expect it to work each and every time. In order to accomplish this, we are constantly on the lookout for the most durable gear that we can get our hands on, and so should you! As much as possible, we try to find EDC gear that is made chiefly from metal. Steel, titanium, copper, tungsten, aluminum, and carbon fiber are great materials for EDC gear.  

7 EDC Gear Items We Can't Live Without

Fits a purpose

Each part of your EDC kit needs to have a specific purpose in mind, because if it doesn’t, you shouldn’t be carrying it! Remember all the way back when we were discussing why good EDC gear is lightweight? It’s all about efficiency. If you’re carrying gear that simply looks cool, but serves no practical purpose, you’re only carrying around dead weight. 

7 EDC Gear Items We Can't Live Without

7 EDC Gear Items We Can’t Live Without

Now that we’ve gone over a few pointers on what to look for in a good EDC item, let’s jump into our team’s top picks. Here’s the 7 EDC gear items that we here on the Axwell team can’t live without.


James Brand Carter - Black + Black - Size Medium

James Brand Carter - Black + Black - Size Medium

Something that’s important for us here at Axwell is that the gear that we use should be able to accommodate as many people as possible. One of the biggest pains for folks when they go looking for a good EDC knife is figuring out whether it’s designed for left-handed or right-handed use. The Carter knife from James Brand takes that issue out of the equation.

With a movable pocket clip and thumb discs on either side of the base of the blade, you can set your knife up for right-handed or left-handed use. The 2.8” VG-10 steel blade deploys seamlessly with one hand thanks to the phosphor bronze washers in the bearings. We’ve also really enjoyed the locking mechanism that secures the blade when not in use. It’s been a great preventative measure against accidental deployment!


Beta QRv2 Classic - Black

Beta QRv2 Classic - Black

Ever been caught in the dark without a light? We all have! That feeling of not being able to find the light switch or navigate around obstacles can be incredibly frustrating, especially when you’re running into stuff you simply can’t see. That’s why it’s important to have a flashlight on you at all times!

The Beta QRv2 Classic is the perfect EDC flashlight. It fits all the criteria of being lightweight, durable, and fitting a purpose all while resting conveniently on a key chain or around your belt loop. When you need it, the flashlight can quickly be detached from the keychain with one hand to be used in an instant. The Beta QRv2 is built with 3 different brightness settings, all of which can be cycled through with one hand by simply twisting the head of the flashlight. 


Axwell Wallet Copper

Vintage Stonewashed Copper 

Your wallet is arguably one of the most important EDC gear items you carry with you. It holds all sorts of important information from your identification to your financial information. That’s why we here on the Axwell Team only trust the Axwell Wallet to carry our most important documents. 

The Axwell Wallet easily accommodates up to 12 cards which are all protected by RFID blocking mag-plates. These plates not only are able of stopping would be tech thieves from ripping of credit card information in an instant, they’re also interchangeable so you can get the exact look you want. And you can store more than just cards inside. Pair the Axwell Wallet with the Chipolo Tracker and the Axwell Mission Multi-Tool Card and you’ve got several EDC items combined into one easy to carry package.


iPhone 13 Pro / with Mous Black Leather Case

iPhone 13 Pro / with Mous Black Leather Case 

Your smart phone is one of the most common pieces of gear that you carry with you every day. And just like the rest of your gear, you ought to strive to get the best you can afford so that you’re able to stay ahead of the problems that arise every day. The latest and greatest phone out there today is the iPhone 13 Pro. Each one is equipped with the hardware and software needed to connect to 5G networks that are springing up all around the US, so you won’t have to worry about slow connection speeds hardly at all. Additionally, the iPhone 13 Pro is designed to be more durable, splash resistant, and drop resistant than any other phone on the market today.

Be sure that you double down on that protection by pairing your iPhone 13 Pro with a solid phone case. The Mous Black Leather Case is exceptional when it comes to style and protection. Not only does this phone case look great, it also adds to the drop resistance features built into the iPhone 13 Pro to make it practically bomb proof. Plus, the case also pairs well with Apple’s Mag Safe technology which accommodates wireless charging and so much more!


Casio G-SHOCK Full Metal - Black

Casio G-SHOCK Full Metal - Black

Nothing says EDC like a G-Shock watch. G-Shock has been the leader in making EDC watches for years due to the durability and functionality they forge into each of their watches. The G-Shock Full Metal series of watches are second to none. Military members and first responders are constantly wearing G-Shock watches due to how durable and dependable they are.

In addition to their durability, the G-Shock Full Metal series has solved a big problem in setting and keeping accurate time. With Bluetooth built right into the watch, you’re able to easily connect it to your phone through the G-Shock app. Through this connection, your watch automatically updates the time to ensure that you’re seeing the most accurate time possible, no matter where you are in the world.


Axwell Mission Multitool Card

Axwell Mission Multi-Tool Card

The Mission Multi-Tool Wallet Card allows you to carry 23 everyday tools you can use on a moment’s notice and fits perfectly into your wallet. Some of the tools included in this smartly designed little multitool include:

  • A bottle opener
  • Hair comb
  • Hex wrench
  • Pry bar

Not only does the Mission Multi-Tool Wallet Card capable of tackling several mechanical tasks throughout the day, but it can also be paired with a money clip to be used as a separate wallet altogether!


Bastion Grey Titanium Bolt Action Pen

One of the most overlooked pieces of EDC gear is a good pen. Pens are useful in all sorts of situations, from taking notes in meetings to signing contracts. Plus, it looks incredibly professional when you’re able to whip out your pen when something needs to get written down.

The Bastion Bolt Action Pen is a great EDC pen because it’s lightweight, durable, and small enough to easily slip into your pocket. It’s also able to be deployed quietly as the bolt action design eliminates that annoying click that most pens have. You can also replace the ink easily so that you have the same great looking pen for years and years of use. 

Final Thoughts

EDC is about more than just the gear. It’s about how you use it. A tool is only as good as its user, so be sure to practice using your EDC gear often so that when you need it, you’ll be ready. And when you’re ready to upgrade your EDC wallet, be sure to sign up for the Axwell Army Newsletter by clicking here. When you do, you’ll get a special discount on your first Axwell Wallet purchase.


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