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What is an EDC Wallet?

What is an EDC Wallet?

Everyday carry, also known as EDC, is more than just the gear that you carry, it’s a mindset. It’s about being prepared for any and everything so that you can quickly respond to the challenges and emergencies that you encounter each day. Emergencies don’t warn you when they’re about to happen, so staying prepared to face them by carrying the best and most efficient gear is imperative to handling the unknown.  

To that end, it’s important to ensure that you’re as efficient with your EDC load out as possible. Carrying extra gear that is bulky and prone to breaking can set you up for failure, which is not something you want happening when disaster strikes. 

EDC Axwell Tactical Wallet

One piece of gear that most overlook upgrading is their wallet. Many don’t consider how bulky and fragile most traditional wallets are. In this post, we’ll illuminate what an EDC wallet is, explain why you should consider upgrading your wallet to an EDC wallet, and describe one of the best EDC wallets on the market today so you can make an informed decision to upgrade arguably one of the most important pieces of gear you carry with you every day. Let’s get started.

What is an EDC Wallet?

Everyday carry wallets are wallets that serve multiple functions or have the ability to carry force multiplying tools within them. Examples of force multiplying tools include things like multi-tools, GPS trackers, and RFID blocking plates

EDC Axwell Tactical Wallet

In addition to these features, EDC wallets are slim, durable, and lightweight. This allows you to store your wallet in more convenient locations on your person than just in the back pocket like traditional wallets. Being able to carry your wallet in your front pockets helps keep it safe from potentially getting stolen by pick pockets as you’re able to keep an eye on who is approaching you from the front much easier than someone approaching from behind.

Why Should You Upgrade to an EDC Wallet?

Upgrading your traditional wallet to an EDC wallet is incredibly important because they keep your most important documents that you need to function in modern day life safer than traditional wallets.

They’re made from some of the most high-quality materials available. Metals like aluminum, copper, brass, titanium, and especially carbon fiber make up the main body of EDC wallets. These are so much more durable than the leather or polyester fabrics that many traditional wallets are made from, so you can count on your EDC wallet to stand up against the test of time. They don’t wear out from being used each day like traditional wallets do. 

EDC Axwell Tactical Wallet

EDC wallets are also designed to be incredibly slim and lightweight. This helps to not only reduce the amount of excess materials that you might carry in a traditional wallet like old receipts, coupons, and business cards, it also helps you conceal your wallet much easier. The slim design of the wallets helps to prevent “wallet bulge,” which many pick pockets look for when trying to scout their next victim.

And due to their slim design, EDC wallets make you consider what you really want to carry with you each day rather than carrying excess gear. Remember that EDC is all about staying efficient so you can quickly respond to the emergencies that arise unexpectedly. Being able to easily slip cards, cash, coins, and even a GPS tracker into an EDC wallet keeps your EDC load out from getting too bulky.

EDC Axwell Tactical Wallet

Everyday carry wallets are also customizable due to the modular design forged into each one. Don’t like the design of the plates that came with it? Not a problem. Picking up an EDC wallet with changeable metal plates helps you match your wallet to the rest of your EDC gear so that you can easily keep track of you gear. 

Those modular plates are also much more than just good looking. They’re able to prevent modern thieves from stealing your credit card information with RFID blocking technology. Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is the tech that allows you to tap to pay at most registers today. The RFID chip inside your card emits a radio wave that links your card to your bank or credit card provider so transactions can happen at the blink of an eye. 

EDC Axwell Tactical Wallet

However, thieves have figured out how to rip that information off of you without you even realizing by simply standing near you with a mobile RFID reader. If your wallet can’t block those readers from ripping off your credit card information, you’ll likely find out that someone has stolen from you well after the fact and you’ll be left to deal with trying to get whatever money they stole back from the bank. 

Not only are EDC wallets great for protection against modern day thieves, but they’re also backed by lifetime warranties because of how much time and attention is paid in making each one. The best EDC wallets on the market will always be backed by a lifetime warranty, because the companies who made them believe so strongly in their product that they’re willing to repair or replace any wallet that breaks down in the field. 

What Makes the Axwell Wallet the Best EDC Wallet?

Today, there are tons of options for purchasing an EDC wallet, so which one is the best? Which one is going to keep your financial information safe? Which one is going to stand up to the test of time and last the longest? Hands down, the Axwell Wallet is the best option out there for EDC Wallets. 

First and foremost, each Axwell Wallet is backed with a lifetime warranty. If you have any issues with the wallet breaking, having a screw come loose, or something that happens that compromises the integrity of the wallet, you can easily get a replacement sent out to you free of charge. 

EDC Axwell Tactical Wallet

We offer this lifetime warranty because we’re so confident in the construction of each of our wallets. We design and develop every wallet from scratch with an obsessive dedication to quality, durability, and functionality. The result? Nothing but the best everyday carry wallets on the market today. 

We invest in better production practices, higher-quality materials, and timeless designs so you can buy one wallet that will last a lifetime. No more needing to buy replacement wallets due to wear and tear.

And because we spend so much time forging the best wallets available, the result is a slim, lightweight wallet that you can count on being ready to go every day. Weighing in at only 2.60 oz., our aluminum wallets feel like you’re carrying nothing at all which will help alleviate pressure points on your back. And our carbon fiber wallets are even more lightweight, so if you need something lighter than 2.60 oz., we’ve got you covered.

EDC Axwell Tactical Wallet

Each wallet is designed with minimalism in mind. Axwell Wallets measures in at 86 x 54 x 8mm, which is exceptionally small. Each wallet is held together with elastics which can expand enough to fit up to 12 cards inside of it.

In addition to being able to expand to carry up to 12 cards, Axwell Wallets are capable of carrying cash on the outside of them. Each Axwell Wallet comes with a cash strap and money clip, so you can customize your wallet to your preferences for carrying cash. You can also carry any loose change you may get after spending that cash in a coin tray that slides seamlessly in with your cards. 

EDC Axwell Tactical Wallet

And you can outfit your Axwell Wallet with a Chipolo GPS tracker, so you never lose your wallet ever again. The tracker connects to the Chipolo app, which is available on both the iTunes and Google Play store, and allows you to see exactly where your wallet is at. It’s incredibly helpful when you’re trying to locate it if you accidentally left it behind. And it also comes with a fantastic ring feature so you can quickly find it in the case that you drop it behind the couch or in between the seats in your vehicle. And if the worst happens and someone stole your wallet, you can easily report your wallet as stolen to the Chipolo app, which will get in contact with law enforcement so they can help you get your wallet back.

Final Thoughts

Taking the time to reevaluate your everyday carry wallet can pay off in dividends down the road. Not only are they lighter, more durable, and less bulky than traditional wallets, but they also help protect you against modern day theft attempts with RFID blocking plates

Your wallet is one of the most important pieces of gear that you’ll carry as it holds your financial and identification information. Don’t let disaster strike you before deciding to upgrade to the best wallet on the market today, the Axwell Wallet. When you sign up for our Axwell Army Newsletter by clicking here, you’ll get a special discount on your first Axwell Wallet purchase. Stay safe out there.

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