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Copper Axwell Wallet

Did you know that copper is an antimicrobial metal? In 2008 the United States Environmental Protection Agency determined that the properties of solid copper surfaces kill 99.9% of bacteria applied to them. Our ancestors, who cooked meals in copper pots, had the right idea. While they couldn't discern why fewer folks died of food poisoning when they ate off of copper. They understood that copper pots and pans resulted in healthier families.

Copper Axwell Wallet

But we aren’t talking about cookware. Instead, we are talking about an item that gets more interaction with your hands and the outside world on a daily basis than any sauté pan will. We are talking about wallets. Specifically, we are talking about copper wallets. Yes, copper wallets like the Axwell copper wallet are the perfect fit for everyday carry when the reality of public health crises and viruses is still everywhere in the global news.

Credit cards and cash pass between multiple hands daily when we buy items in our daily routines. For all but the most diligent germaphobe, most of us won’t think about washing our hands after. While not as thorough as hand sanitizer, just gripping a solid copper wallet after holding dirty cash or cards will go a long way in reducing any harmful bacteria from our hands. 

Copper Axwell Wallet

The handsome-looking metal isn't just for health-conscious wallet buyers. Copper wallets increase the RFID resistance of a wallet by creating an even thicker faraday cage around our cards. When it comes to protecting your bank cards, there’s no such thing as too much protection.

What makes the best copper wallet? 

By now, we all understand that copper is a wonder metal and makes a great material to build wallets with, but what makes one copper wallet the best of the bunch? Like all components of an everyday carry ensemble, gear can be rated based on specific criteria or key factors. We've compiled our key factors below, along with some additional clarification so you can use these same metrics in your life.

Copper Axwell Wallet


Some would call this “quality” in the case of metals like copper; it's not enough to say "made with copper ."How much copper is used and what gauge is the material that will determine how useful it actually is.


Wonder metal or not, if the copper wallet in question isn't suitable for everyday use, then it’s not worth owning. That is unless you collect attractive paperweights.


Wallets take a fair amount of abuse. For the average person, they are carried anytime they have clothes on. Wallets are dropped, fiddled with, and occasionally wrestled out from between the seat and center console of the car. Without solid construction, a wallet will quickly wear out, which leads us to the next point.

Copper Axwell Wallet


Most often, following durability, we have price. While buying cheap most often results in poor quality products, there is a point at which the average working man can't afford a product. Owning items just because they are expensive doesn't fit in our world. All of the features of a copper wallet should leave the buyer feeling like they got an excellent value for what they paid.


Modern slim wallets are more technical than the old leather billfolds. Screws can go missing, and money clips and bands can break or lose stretch. With an item that's in use every day, especially one holding your money, a warranty is a big factor when making a purchase.

Why the Copper Axwell Wallet is the best Copper Wallet in 2024

Here comes the fun part. Getting to explain why the Copper Axwell wallet is the best choice for a men’s wallet in 2024. While we could go on and on about this wallet, we will be respectful of your time and get to the brass or, in this case, copper tacks. 

Copper Axwell Wallet

Durable Materials

The Axwell copper wallet features a CNC machined 6061-T6 Aerospace-Grade Aluminum shell / stonewashed copper cover plates. The pair of metals create a lightweight, attractive, and effective hard-sided wallet. The copper plates are Anodized to perfection to prevent scratches and wear/tear from accidental drops and run-ins with keys in your pocket. To keep tension in your wallet, the Tear-Stop™ Elastic Track allows you to carry one card or a dozen and never worry about fraying or losing a card.


Should you ever want to swap the copper plates out on your wallet, the Mag-Lock™ replaceable Cover Plates allow you to do just that. Mix and match to your heart's content. Whether you want to carry a few dollars or a bunch of dollars or stay as slim as possible, the included money clip and cash strap are removable.

Copper Axwell Wallet

Minimalist Design

First and Foremost, the Axwell wallet was designed as a lightweight front pocket carry wallet. Keeping a wallet in the front pocket prevents lower back pain and makes it harder for pickpockets to steal. Speaking of lightweight, the wallet only weighs 5.35 oz and measures 86 x 54 x 8 mm, just slightly larger than a stack of credit cards.


The bonus of copper. If there is one wallet material to choose from, this is probably it.

Copper Axwell Wallet

RFID blocking

The combination of copper and machined aluminum create a near-impenetrable stack of metal that card skimmers can’t get through. 

Lifetime Warranty

Lifetime, not a year or two years, lifetime. This warranty extends to the elastic bands, screws, and clips included with the wallet. It will be fixed or replaced if anything on your Axwell copper wallet fails. No other wallet company offers a guarantee of this level. To learn more about the Axwell wallet warranty, click here.



While this isn't a factor that we can quantify regarding the wallet's performance, Axwell donates a portion of the sale of every wallet to veteran aid programs. On top of offering a discount to active and former military, every civilian purchase ensures another donation to the causes we hold dear. To learn more, you can look here and see what our causes are and why.

Veterans Community Project

Final Thoughts

As promised, we didn't try and beat you over the head with every facet of the Axwell copper wallet. We stuck to the big attributes of it, from its attractive antimicrobial copper plates to its customizable design. It's no surprise that we rated this wallet as highly as we did.

Copper Axwell Wallet

Now, if you are close to making up your mind and taking the plunge to get your own Axwell copper wallet, we have one more tidbit. All Axwell wallets come with a 50-day risk-free guarantee. That's right, on top of the lifetime warranty, if you buy this wallet and after the first 50 days decide that it’s too slim and too good-looking, you can send it back. We'd be willing to bet that won’t happen, but if it does, we stand by our products and our guarantee. You can see it in writing here on our warranty and returns page.

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