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25 Cool Lighters in 2024

25 Cool Lighters in 2024

As we blaze through 2024, the world of lighters continues to evolve and surprise us with its innovative designs, extraordinary materials, and unparalleled functionality. Gone are the days of simple disposable lighters, as the world is now captivated by the artistry and engineering that goes into creating these miniature marvels. This year's top 25 coolest lighters redefine the way we think about igniting our passions, whether it's sparking up a campfire, lighting candles, or simply adding a touch of flair to your everyday carry.

In this blog post, we'll take a thrilling journey through the realm of the 25 coolest lighters of 2024, showcasing their unique designs, advanced technology, and mesmerizing features. From eco-friendly options to sleek, cutting-edge models, these lighters are sure to ignite your interest and leave you burning with desire. So, buckle up and join us as we explore the fiery world of these exceptional pocket-sized powerhouses.

23 Cool Lighters in 2024  

1) Houseplant Car Lighter

Houseplant Car Lighter

The Houseplant Car Lighter is a luxurious and nostalgic home accessory, crafted from polished green or grey marble, featuring an aluminum knob and a black leather base. Designed to evoke memories of classic 1980s car lighters, this elegant piece operates by pressing the lighter into the base and waiting for it to pop up when hot and ready to use. Complete with a 5-foot power supply cord for convenient wall plug-in, the Houseplant Car Lighter combines vintage charm with modern practicality, making it a stylish and functional addition to any home.

2) Andrew O. Hughes Octahedron Table Lighter

The Octahedron Table Lighter and Ashtray Set is an exquisite and eye-catching accessory, combining functionality with artistic flair. Handmade in NYC, this geometric set features an ashtray and lighter that stack together, forming a captivating prismatic table sculpture when not in use. The unique aqua-lavender dichroic glass changes tint according to the viewer's perspective and lighting conditions, showcasing deep purple, aqua, or bright lavender hues. Exclusively created for Tetra, this hand-cast and hand-polished dichroic bollicine glass set adds a touch of sophistication and visual intrigue to any space. 

3) Tsubota Pearl Vintage Lighter in Brass

Tsubota Pearl Vintage Lighter in Brass

The Tsubota Pearl Vintage Lighter in Brass is a timeless and elegant accessory, showcasing a classic design with a touch of sophistication. Made from high-quality brass, this lighter features a sleek and refined appearance that adds a sense of luxury to your daily life. Combining vintage charm with modern functionality, the Tsubota Pearl Vintage Lighter in Brass is a perfect blend of style and reliability, making it an ideal choice for those seeking both form and function in a lighter.

4) Akomplice Trench Lighter

Akomplice Trench Lighter

The VSOP Trench Lighter in Brass is a stylish and functional accessory, inspired by the iconic lighters used by soldiers in the trenches during World War I. Crafted from durable brass, this lighter boasts a unique and rugged design, offering a vintage aesthetic with a touch of history. Combining the charm of the past with modern usability, the VSOP Trench Lighter in Brass is perfect for those who appreciate durability, reliability, and a connection to a bygone era in their everyday accessories. 

5) CannaStyle Lipstick Lighter

CannaStyle Lipstick Lighter

The CannaStyle Lipstick Lighter is a chic and discreet accessory designed to resemble an elegant lipstick. With a simple press down on the flat top, this lighter ignites, making you feel like a cool spy or a classy lady, or even both. Its unique design adds a touch of sophistication and intrigue to your everyday carry, ensuring you always have a conversation-starter at hand.

6) DISSIM Inverted Lighter

DISSIM Inverted Lighter

The DISSIM Inverted Lighter is a versatile and innovative accessory featuring a low-temperature candle flame, ideal for various lighting needs. Its patented Circle Grip Design ensures comfortable and secure handling, while the adjustable flame and angled flame port provide added flexibility. This butane refillable lighter also includes a fuel window and high-quality trigger ignition, with a lifetime warranty for peace of mind.

7) S.T. Dupont Slim 7 Lighter

S.T. Dupont Slim 7 Lighter

The S.T. Dupont Slim 7 Lighter is the epitome of sleek design and functionality. As the world's thinnest luxury lighter, it boasts a record-breaking 7 mm profile and weighs just 45 grams. The side-mounted igniter produces a wind-resistant torch flame powerful enough for all your lighting needs, wherever you may be. Available in matte black and brushed chrome finishes, the Slim 7 Lighter combines elegance, portability, and performance in a truly exceptional accessory.

8) SOTO Pocket Torch with Refillable Lighter

SOTO Pocket Torch with Refillable Lighter

The SOTO Pocket Torch with Refillable Lighter is a compact and versatile accessory designed for outdoor enthusiasts. Featuring electronic ignition and a strong, wind-resistant burner, this pocket torch transforms a disposable lighter into a high-performance, wind-resistant flame source. The torch utilizes easily accessible fuel and can reach temperatures up to 1300°C (approximately 2,300°F). When used with the SOTO Pocket Torch, the lifespan of a disposable lighter is extended by 60%, making it a practical and efficient addition to your outdoor gear.

9) Automatic Vintage Oil Lighter

Automatic Vintage Oil Lighter

The Automatic Vintage Oil Lighter is a retro-inspired accessory, based on the classic antique Swiss lighter design. With a simple click on the trigger screw, it ignites effortlessly, showcasing its unique and interesting ignition method. Boasting a reliable mechanical structure, high ignition rate, and safety trigger lock, this brass-made lighter is both elegant and durable. Its limited waterproof performance and two surface finishing options add to its charm. 

10) Nomatiq Dual Arc Lighter

Nomatiq Dual Arc Lighter

The Nomatiq Dual Arc Lighter is a modern, eco-friendly alternative to traditional lighters, offering a gas-free and fire-free solution. With no need for butane or refilling, this electric lighter can be easily recharged using the provided USB charger. A single charge lasts up to 100 lights, making it highly efficient. The 100% windproof design ensures reliable performance in any weather conditions, making the Nomatiq Dual Arc Lighter a convenient and sustainable choice for your lighting needs. 

11) Tokyo Pipe Co. Douglass Field L Lighter

The Tokyo Pipe Co. Douglass Field L Lighter is an exceptional example of Japanese craftsmanship, offering an unparalleled EDC pocket lighter experience. Hand-machined by a master craftsman to 0.001" tolerances, each lighter is rigorously tested for quality, showcasing an obsessive attention to detail. While not the cheapest option, the Douglass Field L Lighter stands out as an heirloom-quality accessory designed to last several lifetimes. With its exquisite craftsmanship and functionality, this field lighter is in a league of its own for those seeking the ultimate EDC pocket lighter. 

12) Maratac Titanium Peanut Lighter

Maratac Titanium Peanut Lighter

The Maratac Titanium Peanut Lighter is a highly versatile and durable accessory designed for everyday carry. Made from 6AL4V series titanium grade 5, this robust lighter can be easily customized and features a laser-etched trident bottom for a touch of detail. The precision insert comes with an easily replaceable wick, and the package includes a spare parts kit containing a spare wick, o-ring, and three flints. The new high-absorption wicks ensure easy ignition, and a titanium nano split ring is included for added convenience. Additionally, the removable solid brass lighter insert allows the peanut lighter to function as a waterproof pill vial. Exclusively made by CountyComm, this Maratac Titanium Peanut Lighter is a perfect blend of practicality and style for your EDC needs. 

13) Edie Parker Tabletop Lighter

Edie Parker Tabletop Lighter

The Edie Parker Tabletop Lighter is a stylish and functional accessory inspired by vintage table lighters. This unique piece is not only a conversation starter but also a cleverly designed acrylic lighter that comes nestled within its own matching ashtray. Handmade in America and crafted from 100% hand-poured acrylic, this tabletop lighter adds a touch of elegance and charm to any setting while paying homage to the classic designs of the past.  

14) Tsubota Pearl Hard Edge Clear Lighter

Tsubota Pearl Hard Edge Clear Lighter

The Hard Edge Clear Lighter by Tsubota Pearl is a distinct, refillable petrol lighter designed in 1999. Emphasizing its "objectness," the non-ergonomic design was born from multiple efforts to focus on function over decoration. The resulting simple shape has made the Hard Edge lighter an iconic item for Tsubota Pearl. Crafted with a polycarbonate casing, steel interior, and cotton wick, this Japanese-made lighter is a testament to minimalism and functionality. 

15) Exotac titanLight Waterproof Lighter

Exotac titanLight Waterproof Lighter

The Exotac titanLight Waterproof Lighter is a groundbreaking and rugged accessory, designed to be the first waterproof, refillable lighter using easily obtainable liquid fuel. Engineered to prevent leaks and withstand water exposure, the o-ring seals contribute to longer intervals between refills. Built in the USA from aircraft-grade aluminum, this lighter offers unparalleled construction quality that Exotac is renowned for, ensuring reliable service and durability for a lifetime of use.

16) UO Electric Lighter

UO Electric Lighter

The UO Electric Lighter is a unique fusion of vintage-inspired design and modern functionality, featuring eye-catching prints exclusive to Urban Outfitters. This electric lighter incorporates a hinge-lid style with an effortlessly efficient built-in lithium-ion battery, rechargeable via USB. Combining nostalgic charm with contemporary performance, the UO Electric Lighter is a trendy and practical accessory for any occasion.  

17) DISSIM Hammer Lighter

DISSIM Hammer Lighter

The DISSIM Hammer Precision Torch Butane Lighter is a tactical and versatile accessory designed for outdoor and everyday carry use. Featuring a large butane reservoir, this single torch lighter boasts a windproof design and easily adjustable flame. The welder-grade torch quality ensures reliability, while fold-out tools such as a cigar punch and ash remover add convenience. The aggressive style is accentuated by large side vents, and the functioning safety lock ensures safe usage. The hammer action ignition system, high-quality finish, and solid feel make the DISSIM Hammer Lighter an exceptional choice for various applications.

18) Houseplant Block Table Lighter

Houseplant Block Table Lighter

The Houseplant Block Table Lighter is an elegant and functional accessory designed to be the centerpiece of your collection. With its premium aluminum construction and Bauhaus-inspired design, this lighter is both beautiful and durable. The built-in butane lighter ensures easy use, while the lid cleverly doubles as an ashtray for added convenience. Available in two attractive colorways, Orange Leather and Green Leather, this rectangular lighter features a leather base and insert, elevating its aesthetic appeal. The Houseplant Block Table Lighter is not only visually striking but also provides unparalleled utility, making it the perfect addition to any setting.  

19) Mecarmy X7s EDC Capsule Flashlight and Lighter Kit

Mecarmy X7s EDC Capsule Flashlight and Lighter Kit

The Mecarmy X7s EDC Capsule Flashlight and Lighter Kit is a versatile and compact accessory designed for everyday carry. Featuring a 130-lumen flashlight with a 6-hour max runtime, it includes a 10180 Li-ion rechargeable battery and twist-operation for easy use. The flashlight offers high and low output modes and supports micro USB recharging. The tail stand comes with a keyring attachment point for added convenience. The kit also includes a micro liquid-fueled refillable lighter, a pocket clip, and a 10180 battery-sized storage capsule. Precision CNC machined and corrosion-resistant, the X7s boasts an IPX8 water resistance rating, ensuring durability and reliability for all your lighting and lighter needs.

20) Tetra Slide Lighter

Tetra Slide Lighter

The Tetra Slide Lighter is a compact, rechargeable, and fuel-free alternative to traditional lighters. Utilizing a heated-coil mechanism reminiscent of classic car lighters, it effortlessly lights handrolls without the need for a flame. To use, simply slide the top panel down to reveal and heat up the electric coil. The lighter comes with a USB charger for easy recharging and is available in a variety of stylish colors, including blue, black, iridescent, and warm gold, making it a convenient and fashionable choice for your lighting needs.

21) Snow Peak GigaPower Torch Lighter

Snow Peak GigaPower Torch Lighter

The Snow Peak GigaPower Torch Lighter is a compact and versatile tool, ideal for starting fires or igniting charcoal barbecues. Featuring a wooden handle and foldable design, this torch is easy to use and carry. Simply unfold the torch, attach an iso-butane GigaPower fuel canister, turn the knob to release gas, and ignite. The powerful flame ensures that even damp firewood will catch fire. A perfect companion for the Takibi Fire & Grill, the GigaPower Folding Torch is an essential addition to any outdoor adventure or backyard barbecue setup. 

22) IM Corona Old Boy Black Chromium Pipe Lighter

IM Corona Old Boy Black Chromium Pipe Lighter

The IM Corona Old Boy Black Chromium Pipe Lighter is a stylish and reliable lighter, designed with turn of the century aesthetics and featuring a flint ignition system. With a generous fuel capacity, it offers an extended number of lights between refills. The 90-degree adjustable flame makes it ideal for lighting both cigars and pipes. Built with improved carbon filtering systems, solid brass parts, 5X stronger finishes, internal silicon seals, and recessed fill valve covers, this lighter is both durable and functional. It features a soft yellow pipe flame, flint wheel ignition, ninety-degree angled flame, and a built-in pipe tamper. The lighter uses butane, comes packaged in an IM Corona gift box, is made in Japan, and is backed by a two-year warranty. 

23) Zippo x Woodchuck Compass Lighter

Zippo x Woodchuck Compass Lighter

The Zippo x Woodchuck Compass Lighter is a special collaboration between Zippo and WOODCHUCK, USA, featuring their Buy One. Plant One.® program. With every lighter sold, a tree will be planted, helping restore and protect the world's forests. This Street Chrome™ lighter has a unique two-sided ultralite chip emblem made from 100% real wood, showcasing a compass design. Each lighter comes with a special code, allowing customers to learn where their tree is planted. Packaged in a distinctive display box that highlights the lighter face and the unique code, this lighter performs optimally when filled with Zippo lighter fuel. 

24) Tsubota Pearl Stick Lighter

Tsubota Pearl Stick Lighter

The Tsubota Pearl Stick Lighter is a sleek and sophisticated slim lighter, perfect for those who appreciate minimalist design. Measuring 3.375" long, it is available in gold, silver, or black nickel finishes. This elegant lighter is made in Japan, combining both style and functionality for everyday use.  

25) Vintage R.O.P Advertising Lighter

Vintage R.O.P Advertising Lighter

The Vintage R.O.P Advertising Lighter is a brass pocket lighter from the 1950s, featuring a unique advertisement for 'MOTOR KEROSENE R.O.P SPIRIT GASOLINE.' This charming lighter has a vintage appeal, with the nickel plating showing signs of wear and some denting and surface scratches that add character to the piece. The lighter's lid retains most of its plating, making it a nostalgic and interesting addition to any collection.

What to look for in a cool lighter

Purpose: Determine the primary use of the lighter, whether it's for cigarettes, cigars, candles, or outdoor activities like camping.

Fuel type: Lighters typically use butane, liquid fuel (e.g., Zippo), or electricity (e.g., plasma or arc lighters). Each fuel type has its advantages and disadvantages, so choose one that aligns with your preferences and intended use.

Ignition method: Lighters can have flint wheels, piezo ignition, or electronic ignition systems. Flint wheel lighters are classic and reliable but require occasional flint replacement. Piezo and electronic ignition systems tend to be more convenient and long-lasting.

Wind resistance: For outdoor use, a wind-resistant lighter, such as a torch lighter or an electric arc lighter, is crucial to ensure it functions well in various conditions.

Durability: A well-built lighter made from quality materials will be more durable and long-lasting. Look for reputable brands or models with positive reviews.

Size and portability: Choose a lighter that fits comfortably in your hand and is easy to carry, especially if you plan to take it on-the-go.

Refillability and reusability: Reusable and refillable lighters can save you money in the long run, and they are more environmentally friendly compared to disposable lighters.

Safety features: Some lighters come with safety features such as childproof locks or auto shut-off mechanisms to prevent accidents.

Design and aesthetics: While not the most critical factor, you may prefer a lighter with a particular design or color to match your personal style.

Price: Consider your budget when selecting a lighter, keeping in mind that higher-quality models may be more expensive but offer better performance and longevity.

Final Thoughts

The world of lighters has come a long way in 2024, offering innovative designs, technology, and materials that cater to the unique needs and preferences of users. From vintage-inspired pieces to futuristic electric models, the coolest lighters of 2024 are not just functional tools but also stylish accessories that showcase individuality and taste.

As we've explored these exceptional lighters, it's evident that there's a perfect lighter out there for everyone, whether you're an avid collector, an outdoors enthusiast, or simply looking for a reliable and eye-catching way to light up. So, take your pick from the coolest lighters of 2024 and elevate your everyday carry game to the next level. 

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