3 Wallet Accessories You Can't Live Without

3 Wallet Accessories You Can't Live Without

The Axwell Wallet is one of the best wallets you can get your hands on. Its minimalist design securely keeps all of your cards in one convenient place, while also being built with the capabilities of standing up to just about anything the modern world can throw at it. The interchangeable Mag-Lock replaceable magnetic cover plates keep your stuff safe from the physical elements, while the RFID blocking features keep your information safe from would be hackers. And what’s even better about the Axwell Wallet is that you can increase its utility pretty easily!

3 Wallet Accessories You Never Knew You Needed

How can you improve on the Axwell Wallet? The Axwell Team has created some pretty stellar solutions to common issues that we all face. From dealing with a miss-placed wallet to carrying the tools you need to get through the challenges life throws at you, the Axwell Product Design Team has designed each accessory to help improve your quality of life and that can be conveniently carried inside of your Axwell Wallet. Here are the top 3 accessories you need to start carrying in your Axwell Wallet!

Axwell x Chipolo Tracker Bundle

3 Wallet Accessories You Never Knew You Needed

One of the worst feelings in the world is when you reach to pay for something, and you realize that your wallet is missing. With all of the places that we have to go on a daily basis, losing your wallet is a pretty common issue. 

Enter the Axwell x Chipolo Tracker Bundle. Chipolo created a small smart card that easily fits inside of your Axwell Wallet that helps keep your wallet within arm’s reach at all times. The card you place into your wallet comes equipped with a small GPS tracker that links to the Chipolo app. You can set up a geo-fence around your wallet so that when you leave a certain distance away from your wallet, the app will send you a notification. This ensures that you’ll never forget your wallet again!

3 Wallet Accessories You Never Knew You Needed

In the event that you do misplace your wallet or it gets stolen, you can easily track it down on the app. When you start closing in on the wallet, you can activate the ringing feature, which will help you zero in on where it is and finally find your wallet.

And if that wasn’t enough value, the Axwell x Chipolo Tracker Bundle can also be used to find your phone if you accidentally lose it! Just double click the tracker card in your wallet to activate the app on your phone to start ringing to easily locate your misplaced device.

Axwell Mission Multi-Tool Card

3 Wallet Accessories You Never Knew You Needed

Tools are force multipliers. Wedges, levers, and pullies all help add to the amount of work that can be done. When you’re at home and something breaks, you can easily get to a set of tools to help fix the issue. But when you’re out and about, most don’t carry a set of tools with them. And if they do, often times they are bulky and inconvenient multi-tools.

The Axwell Mission Multi-Tool Card solves the problem of being able to carry tools around with you in a way that eliminates the need for bulky multitools. Its slim, lightweight design allows you to easily slip it into your Axwell Wallet to ensure that you have access to the right tool for the job no matter where you go.

3 Wallet Accessories You Never Knew You Needed

Need to tighten up a hex bolt? The Axwell Mission Multi-Tool has you covered. 

How about cracking open a cold beer? The bottle opener can make quick work of any bottle you need opened.

Is your hair messy and you need to quickly fix it before meeting your date for dinner? The built-in comb has your back to ensure you look your best.

No matter what sort of challenges you find, the 23 different tools in this amazing little card can help you solve the issue at hand and keep you on track with your goals for the day. 

Axwell Coin Tray

3 Wallet Accessories You Never Knew You Needed

The Axwell Wallet is great because not only can it carry your credit cards, identification, the Axwell x Chipollo Tracker, and Axwell Mission Multi-Tool, but it can also securely carry cash! The money clip ensures your money stays put no matter where you go. 

But one of the hardest parts about carrying cash is that you have to deal with the change. Coins are pretty inconvenient to carry around with you and can get lost pretty easily. While a lot of places have shifted their sales to only credit cards, it’s still a good idea to carry cash with you in case the internet goes down and prohibits you from paying with your card. 

So how do you manage your cash and the coin change with your Axwell Wallet?

3 Wallet Accessories You Never Knew You Needed

Get an Axwell Coin Tray of course! This slim, lightweight little tray can easily be affixed to your Axwell Wallet to organize all of your change. It’s designed to eliminate the rattling that change tends to do inside of small metal spaces with an insert made from ultra-thin velour. 

Weighing in at less than an ounce, the Axwell Coin Tray is a great accessory to have to organize not only your change, but also keys, larger value cash bills, as well as small valuable items. With a measurement of 86x54x3 mm, there is a surprising amount of volume inside the Coin Tray to help you carry just about any small item you can think of.

Why Accessorize your Axwell Wallet?

When thinking about the reasons for adding some accessories to your wallet, there are three reasons that stand out:


    Keeping your information safe today is more important than ever. Your money and your identity are things that thieves are constantly after due to how valuable they are. Keeping track of your wallet can be incredibly difficult without the right tools.


    The modern world has become ever more technical. Hardware is all around us and breaks down from time to time. Bringing tools wherever you go is a necessity, but can be really difficult to do, especially when a lot of multi-tools can’t be brought into certain areas due to their knife attachments. Having something that can be easily carried with you to fix the issues that come up on a daily basis is a must.

    Peace of Mind

      When you’re out and about, the last thing you need to worry about is the stuff inside of your wallet. Keeping things secure and organized helps to keep your mind from worry and allows you to fully engage in the moment. Make sure that you have a way to keep all of your valuables secure in one easy area, so you’re able to enjoy what you’re doing with who you’re with, no matter where you go.

      So what do you need to make each of these things happen? These awesome accessories that will exponentially increase the value of your Axwell Wallet.

      3 Wallet Accessories You Never Knew You Needed

      Final Thoughts

      Regardless of the challenges that life throws at you, know that Axwell has your back. We’ve centered our mission around creating the best possible solutions for issues that we all face on a daily basis. With all the chaos in the world today, the simplicity and security provided by the Axwell Wallet creates one less thing you need to worry about.

      Plus, with these accessories, your wallet will provide the maximum amount of functionality to you while eliminating the need to carry tons of extra gear with you. And the fact that each accessory can easily be fit into your wallet makes carrying an Axwell Wallet a no brainer for pretty much anyone.

      Upgrade your Axwell Wallet today with these 3 accessories!

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