What Is EDC? Beginner's Guide to EDC Essentials

What is EDC? Beginners Guide to Everyday Carry

With the happenings of today’s society, it’s not unlikely that you’ve heard about everyday carry, or even its acronym “EDC.” But what exactly is everyday carry? 

Let me preface this article with a comparison that I’m sure we can all relate to. Each morning, you likely wake up, get dressed, and fill your pockets with the same items that you pulled out of your pockets to go to bed the night before. 

What Is EDC? Beginner's Guide to Everyday Carry Essentials

But there will always come the day when you leave something in your pocket by accident before tossing your pants in the hamper. Next thing you know, your lady strolls into the bedroom, with your jeans in-hand, peering into the soul of your pocket. You look at her, thinking, Maybe she doesn’t recognize my pocket as a pocket because her pockets are the size of a small child’s pinky. Meanwhile, she’s thinking, Why does this dude have to carry so much crap in his pockets? She reaches into what she must think of as the depths of the unknown only to pull out a handful of your most cherished items. Suddenly, she dumps them all out on the floor with a questionable look in her eyes. You gasp, and she asks, “Why do you feel the need to collect all of this junk?” And all you can say, which certainly is not a lie, is, “I need all of that stuff!” 

With that said, let’s jump into the definition of everyday carry and what each of us should keep handy on a regular basis. 

What Is EDC? Beginner's Guide to Everyday Carry Essentials

What is Everyday Carry (EDC)?

Think about it. It’s fairly uncommon for a man to carry a purse, making the few things that we keep in our pockets and strapped to our belts extra special. It’s not like we bring along a hammer on all of our outings—nobody wants to merely fill their pockets with trinkets they know they won't use throughout the day. We carry what’s important. I mean, imagine walking around without your wallet. It’s a vulnerable, naked feeling that nobody should have to endure.

So, what is everyday carry? And why is everyone talking about it?

In a nutshell, everyday carry is precisely what it implies; it's the items that people carry every day. Most often, EDC items are small enough to keep in your pockets. But there are plenty of items that are equally as necessary and can be kept in backpacks or even cars, too. The term “everyday carry” originally seemed to sprout in the outdoor culture, where people would discuss the items that they’d find necessary to carry at all times to stay prepared. In the past few years, with the popular EDC Reddit communities and, EDC has become one of the most talked-about topics in terms of preparedness across the web.

EDC is important for everyone—it can be helpful to both yourself and others. However, EDC items also give you a sense of control in being ready for anything that could ultimately come your way. The EDC community isn’t necessarily chock full of conspiracy theorists expecting to have a James Bond moment on any given day. Whether it’s a car accident, a medical emergency, or you simply need to cut a box open, everyday carry can help you avoid the problem of feeling helpless in unexpected situations that may arise throughout the day.    

What Is EDC? Beginner's Guide to Everyday Carry Essentials

How Do I Choose My EDC Items?

While there are plenty of obvious items that most people commonly carry, everyday carry is not a one-size-fits-all practice. Just like we don’t all work the same jobs or drive the same cars, we might not run into the exact same problems as another would. In that case, everyday carry should be catered to your specific needs to help you be comfortable in any situation and aid in completing your daily tasks more efficiently.

Deciding on what to carry is a personal experience, and nobody can tell you what to keep on you at all times because it’s different for everyone. To put it simply, think about the items that you would be lost without. You might consider adding those to the list.

Regardless, there are some factors to consider when choosing your EDC items. Each item you add to your kit should have at least one purpose, amongst being reliable and functional. Not to mention, you should consciously think about them as things that you will most likely use often. If you find the need to cut things regularly, keep a knife handy. Also, consider carrying at least one item that can be used as self-defense in the unfortunate event of anything happening to you. Nonetheless, your items should be personal to you and what you find to be essential in your everyday health, protection, and convenience. 

What are Your EDC Essentials?

To give you a better idea of some commonly-carried items that could also be useful to you daily, we’ll break down a few of our favorite EDC essentials.


EDC (everyday Carry) wallet

A wallet is an evident choice. You’ll likely use your ID, cards, and cash frequently, so adding this to your EDC kit is definitely a good idea. While we understand that a wallet isn’t going to be your only EDC item, it might be a good idea to invest in a slim, durable, RFID-blocking wallet. It’s 2024—skip the super thick trifold and opt for a minimalistic wallet that will allow for plenty of extra space.

Axwell offers premium, state-of-the-art Mag-Lock Axwell Wallets that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also incredibly useful while bypassing any unnecessary bulk. Keep on-trend with a minimalistic, versatile wallet that you can easily carry in your front pocket or clip it onto your belt. Not to mention, with our diversity in designs, you won’t have trouble deciding on a wallet you love.


EDC (everyday Carry) phone

What are you looking for when you tap your pockets every morning on your way out the door? If you’re anything like me, it’s probably your phone. Our modern lives revolve around our phones, whether we like it or not. Many of us work from our cellphones, play games when we’re bored, and most importantly communicate with our loved ones. It’s uncommon to not EDC our phones, but there are reasons why it’s crucial to always remember. 

Our phones can be seen as some of the most essential survival items on the list—even if they don’t always have battery life or percentage. These days, you can easily share your location, maintain communication, and optimize your maps if you ever find yourself lost. These features may seem small, but any one of them could potentially end up saving your life.

Key Holder 

Axwell Key Organizer

Key holders are essential and have been for years. As mundane as they’ve become with each lock of our doors, we need keys, and they’re much more useful when they’re organized. There are plenty of options for key holders that are minimalistic as well as organizational. So, investing in one will help you dodge having to search through an entire ring of keys to reach the one you need.


EDC (everyday Carry) knife

Knives are some of the most functional items that, yes, you should be carrying on you at all times. Ignore the stigma encompassing keeping a blade in your pocket; not everyone is using them for harm. 

Slipping a knife into your pocket doesn’t always imply that you’re on the hunt for danger. Knives are incredibly versatile. How often do you scratch at the tag on the inside of your tee until you get home because you simply don’t have anything to cut it off? Or, what if a cake needs to be cut and all anyone has on hand is a spoon? That’s right, if you keep a knife as an EDC item, you can easily pull out your handy-dandy knife and cut the cake. Next thing you know, you’re the party-saver of the century. It’s never a bad idea to keep a blade in your carrying kit.


EDC (everyday Carry) flashlight

Maybe your phone died, and you got locked out of your house and can’t find the spare key. Or maybe your dog is barking at 3 o’clock in the morning, and you need to go check it out. Do you want to do all of those things with only the moon to light your path? Doubt it. I mean, the moon is great but clearly isn’t the most reliable light source. Regardless, you probably need a flashlight, and keeping one in your everyday carry kit wouldn’t hurt. 

There are various options to choose from depending on your needs, but flashlights can handily serve other functions, as well. You can find tiny flashlights that slip onto a keyring or even hand-crank lights that don’t need batteries, which can be especially helpful in emergencies. Add a flashlight to your list of EDC essentials, and you’ll be surprised at how often you reach for it. 


Mission Multitool Card

Multi-tools provide the most versatility that you could imagine. Whether your circumstances call for a Phillips head screwdriver, a pair of mini scissors, or even a nail file, a multi-tool is soon to be your new best friend. (Coolguy123 might play Call of Duty with you on Xbox Live, but he can’t always be there to cut a wire for you in your time of need.)

Surprise! Axwell invented the Mission Multi-Tool Card. Our multi-tool comes in the form of a super sleek card that fits perfectly in your wallet. So, you don’t need to take up any unnecessary space in your pockets, but you can still open everyone’s beer at guy’s night. Say hello to popularity. 


EDC (everyday Carry) pen

I know what you’re thinking. Who needs a pen when we live in a digital age? Well, you might. Even with the option to merely tap a note into our smartphones whenever the need arises, you never know when things might get old-school and you need to pull out a pen. 


EDC (everyday Carry) notebook

You can’t have a pen without paper. If you need to take notes and have a pen but not any paper, what choice do you have? A palm only has so much space. Typing something into your phone isn’t always practical, so it’s almost always necessary to keep a notebook handy in case you need to leave a note for someone, pass along a message, or even doodle while you’re bored in your next meeting. Keeping paper on hand can also serve as quick kindling for a fire in an emergency situation.


EDC (everyday carry) watch

It's pretty easy to find the time these days. But tossing on a watch can really ensure preparedness, not to mention flair. A watch is not only a nice addition to any ensemble, but it can also act as a variety of useful tools, such as a timer, an underwater companion, and even a compass. Investing in a nice watch can potentially save your life, especially if it’s mechanical as it’ll maintain its functions in the event of a disaster. 

Bottom Line

Unfortunate situations pop up all the time. But if you’re ultimately prepared for what you might need, you can ensure daily protection, survival, and convenience. Regardless of what you keep in your everyday carry kit, the items you choose are most importantly beneficial to you, and that’s what matters most. Stay sharp and be prepared.

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