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8 Unique Father's Day Gift Ideas For Dad in 2024

8 Unique Father's Day Gift Ideas For Dad in 2021

Father’s Day seems to come faster and faster every year. And, every year, he tells you that he “doesn’t need anything,” leaving you to wrack your brain for the perfect gift, only to panic and get him a new screwdriver (probably one he already has). Well, the time has come yet again to celebrate that incredible man in your life. And, if it's anything like last year, you’ll be scrambling to sign the card before heading to dinner on the day of. 

Father’s Day 2024 is on Sunday, June 16th. So, luckily, that leaves you a little over a month to get Dad a stellar gift—one so good that even he didn’t know he wanted it. This year, we’ve got you covered with some of the best Father’s Day gift ideas for 2026, so you can show your appreciation for Dad without putting it off until June 16th.  

Father's Day Gift Ideas For Dad in 2021

Online Orders for Father’s Day 2024

But, we know you’ve got a busy schedule. Not to mention, the computer scientists of yore didn’t invent the amazing and time-saving thing that we call “the internet” for nothing. So, with everything that’s already on your plate, all you need to do is click a button to have Dad’s gift magically land right on your doorstep. Nonetheless, ordering ahead of time is essential to give the mail fairies time to deliver. 

To help you formulate a plan for when you need to order your gift, we’ll break down the average shipping timelines of most online companies. And, we'll give you an idea of the final dates when you need to order to have your product in time for Father’s Day this year.

Domestic Shipping

  • Expedited: 3-4 business days. Order your gift on or before June 10th, 2024.

International Shipping

  • Standard: 14+ business days. You should order your gift as soon as possible, but before May 27th, 2024.  
  • Express: 6-10 business days. Order your gift on or before June 1st, 2024.

Regardless of the shipping method you choose, it's important to always take into account the processing times for both domestic and international shipping. And, with the potentially high demand that typically surrounds every holiday, it’s also beneficial to allow extra time for possible shipping delays

8 Unique Father's Day Gifts

Let’s face it: your dad spent his entire adult life on you—from tossing the football in the backyard to crying at your wedding, he’s always been there. Regardless of the gift, nothing can repay him for everything he’s done throughout the years. But, a gift is the next best thing. That said, we’ve conjured up a list of the top gifts to snag for Dad that’ll let him know (almost) how much you love him. And, he’ll actually want to use them.

1) Make-Your-Own Hot Sauce Kit

Father's Day Gift Ideas For Dad in 2021

For the “hot sauce makes everything better” dad, a hot sauce-making kit will mold his love for spice and his love for projects into one amazing experience. Although he might feel that Tabasco is the king of all condiments, let your dad make his own concoction and try some new flavors. If you play your cards right, this gift could also double as a bonding experience—he’ll have a great time, and you can even help him spice up all of his favorite dishes.  

Where to buy?

2) Axwell Wallet Gift Set 

Axwell Wallet Collection

How long has your dad been whipping out the old, beat-up tri-fold? While it might hold his fat wad of cash, we all know that thing is outdated. And, a nice, slim wallet is an investment that dads everywhere will put off until the end of time because the one they have is “perfectly fine.” So, this year, get your dad a wallet that he’ll want to pull out more often (for the sake of everyone).

Axwell can provide Dad with a sleek, durable Axwell Wallet that will last him a lifetime. Not to mention, they’re available in various colors, including aluminum and carbon fiber. Upgrade his bulky hold-all to one that is a fraction of the size and will still carry all of his cash, cards, and everything he needs to get through the day. And, if you weren’t already sold, Axwell includes a cash strap and money clip with all Axwell Wallets, so your dad can customize his wallet however he wants. 

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3) Beer or Coffee Subscription 

Father's Day Gift Ideas For Dad in 2021

For the dad that can be tough to charm, some craft beer or delicious coffee that he can look forward to each month will have him grinning from ear to ear. Upgrade the six-pack and sign your dad up for a subscription to his favorite beverage. Let him try signature brews from across the nation or take him on a coffee tour around the world. If you weren’t the favorite child before, you will be soon enough.

Where to buy?

Beer Subscription

Coffee Subscription

4) Knife

Father's Day Gift Ideas For Dad in 2021

A knife is the perfect way to show Dad that you’re grateful for him while also showing him that he can trust you (because you won’t do anything that will make him pull it out). Regardless, knives are some of the most functional tools. Whether he needs to cut a loose thread or sneak a piece of cake at the end of the night, a knife is the best wingman there is. If you want to step things up a notch, get crazy and personalize a pocketknife with an engraving of your name; he’ll always remember who loves him the most.

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    5) Anything Whiskey

    Father's Day Gift Ideas For Dad in 2021

    Toast to Dad and all of his greatness this Father’s Day with his favorite drink. If your dad loves his whiskey, there is no wrong way to go about celebrating him with a whiskey-centered gift. Grab him a personalized decanter with matching tumblers to display on his bar cart, or gift him the joy of aging some bourbon himself with his very own mini at-home distillery. Give him a long-lasting cheer and replace his flask with a new, leather one that will grow better with time, just like his drink. When in doubt, get Dad drunk—but classily, of course. 

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    6) Universal Gun Cleaning Kit

    Father's Day Gift Ideas For Dad in 2021

    A gun cleaning kit is a practical and super effective gift that all gun-enthusiast dads are sure to appreciate. Whether he’s a beginner or a professional, snag Dad a universal brass gun-cleaning kit and gift him the pleasure of enjoying his hobby with everything he needs to keep his hip-hugging buddies in tip-top shape. Not to mention, solid brass tips will last him a lifetime. 

    Where to buy?

    7An Experience

    Father's Day Gift Ideas For Dad in 2021

    What’s better than a material gift? That’s right, an experience that Dad will never forget. Believe it or not, dads have aspirations, too. Set aside some time to take him sky diving, rock climbing, shooting at the gun range, driving his dream car, or even buy him a chance to fly an airplane himself. Whatever your dad’s desires consist of, mark something off of his bucket list. He definitely deserves it. And, not only will he be stoked to have such a good time, but you can also spend some time with your all-time favorite guy.  

    Where to buy?

    • Research local adventure excursions in your city

    8) Blast from the Past

    Father's Day Gift Ideas For Dad in 2021

    Now that we’ve advanced into the modern world of having everything at our fingertips, pulling out the camcorder has become a thing of the past. But, if you were born into the generation of VHS players and home videos, your dad might have put some time and energy into filming memorable moments. For Father’s Day this year, gift Dad a trip back in time by having all of your old home videos converted into digital files that he can re-watch again and again. He’ll appreciate the effort while he reminisces on the days when he could comb his fingers through his precious feathered locks.

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    Final Thoughts

    Your dad is the coolest dude around, and if anyone deserves a super awesome gift, it’s him. Father’s Day 2024 is right around the corner. Before June 16th, snag your dad something that he’ll genuinely enjoy. Just be sure to keep topping this year’s gift in the years to come. 

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