10 Father's Day Gifts for Everyday Carry Dads

10 Father's Day Gifts for Everyday Carry Dads

June 16, 2024 is quickly approaching. You know what that means? It’s almost Father’s Day! If you’re someone who struggles to come up with ideas on what to get dear old dad for his day, we’ve got your back. 

We’ve done the research on what dad’s like and have come up with a list of items that your dad will not only will enjoy on Father’s Day, but every day of the year. Get him something that he’ll truly use by picking up one of these top 10 Father’s Day gifts. Each one is designed to be an addition to what your dad uses for his everyday carry to give him the edge over whatever he encounters. 

Top 10 EDC Father’s Day Gifts

1) Knife - James Brand - Carter 

Knife - James Brand - Carter

A non-negotiable when it comes to everyday carry (EDC) is a good knife. Knives are the most versatile tools out there because they can perform so many functions. From cutting open letters to escaping a vehicle by cutting the seatbelt, knives are incredibly valuable on their own

They’re also force multipliers due to the fact that they can be used to create tools. Whether you need to whittle a spoon or create a dead-fall trap, knives can be used to make all sorts of tools to help out in practically every situation.

Potentially trusting your life (or your dad’s life) in one tool means that getting something high quality is essential. That’s why The Carter from James Brand Knives is your best bet. The VG-10 stainless steel blade is easy to sharpen and stays sharp after significant use. It’s designed with easy-to-use thumb tabs on both sides of the blade for easy one-handed opening, regardless of the hand used to open it. And the retention clip, which can be moved from one side to the other depending on what your dad’s preferred side of carry is, holds the knife in place securely in a pocket. 

2) Wallet - Axwell Wallet Father’s Day Bundle 

Axwell Wallet Collection

After a knife, the most useful tool your dad probably carries every day is a wallet. Upgrading an old wallet might be tough to do on his own, so buying him the Axwell Wallet Father’s Day Bundle is sure to help him let go of that old leather wallet that is likely falling apart.

The bundle is an incredible value because it not only comes with the best minimalist metal wallet on the market (the Axwell Wallet), but also the Chipolo Tracking System and the Tracker Tray. He’ll never lose his wallet again with the Chipolo Tracking System, which seamlessly connects to the Chipolo app on his phone. The tracker sits securely in the Tracker Tray along with any coins or other valuable small items. 

3) Pen - Tactile Turn - Bolt Action Pen 

Pen - Tactile Turn - Bolt Action Pen

Think about a tool that you use almost daily, and you’ll likely think of a pen. It’s used to sign checks, write notes, and in a pinch, to break open windows. If your dad’s pen can’t do those things for him, consider picking him up a Tactile Turn Bolt Action Pen.

The pen body is made out of a variety of metals that you can choose from. Titanium, copper, bronze, and zirconium are the options available. Regardless of the metal, each pen is designed with Tactile Turn’s unique deployment feature that pushes the ink out of the body. The knob is located along the body of the pen and glides down and around to lock into place like a bolt action rifle operates. This is not only incredibly satisfying to do, but also keeps your ink secured, whether you’re using the pen or not. 

4) Vallet Tray - Craighill - Nocturn Catch

Vallet Tray - Craighill - Nocturn Catch

One of the most aggravating things that all men experience is misplacing their EDC items. We all try to have one spot that we set our things each day when we return home, but those places can often get full of clutter, making it difficult to maintain a designated spot to set wallets, keys, and knives down onto.

With the Craighill Nocturn Catch valet tray, your dad will always have a place to set his things down on. The tray is made out of American Black Walnut and is proudly made in Michigan. Its 7.5”x11”x0.75”tall frame fits in nicely on any dresser, nightstand, or desk and will certainly help maintain a designated spot for all your dad’s things. 

5) Watch - G-Shock - GMW-B5000 Series 

Watch - G-Shock - GMW-B5000 Series

There are many look-alikes out there, but there can really only be one bomb proof watch: the G-Shock GMW B5000 series. G-Shock is world renowned for its super durable watch. Its iconic design houses an easy-to-read display letting you know the time and date. Plus, with modes like stopwatch and timer, you have a multifaceted tool right on your wrist. 

While it won’t tell him when to move or when he gets a text, G-Shock watches won’t break and will do what they’re supposed to do every time regardless of whether they have wi-fi or not.

6) Earbuds - Marshall - Minor III 

Earbuds - Marshall - Minor III

If your dad is stuck in the past with using earbuds with wires, help him join us in the modern age with a set of the Marshall Minor III earbuds. These sleek looking earbuds are a great gift for dad to keep his morale up as he sweats his way through a workout or pushes a lawn mower after work. 

With up to 25 hours of continuous playing capabilities, your dad will love that he can use them time and time again without having to constantly recharge them. And with the 5.2 Bluetooth built in, your dad can listen to his favorite songs regardless of where his phone is at. 

7) Sunglasses - William Painter - The Hook 

Sunglasses - William Painter - The Hook

Spending the day outside celebrating Father’s Day is a summer tradition. The temperature is hot, the grill is firing, and the drinks are ice cold. The only thing that can make or break a good Father’s Day cookout is sunglasses. If you’re not able to see due to the blinding light of the sun, you might as well stay inside!

Don’t let dad go without sunglasses this Father’s Day. Pick up a set of the Hook sunglasses from William Painter for your dad and he’ll have sunglasses that will never let him down. The lenses are polarized and block out 100% of harmful UVA and UVB rays. The frame is made out of titanium, making these sunglasses incredibly tough. And your dad will never be without a bottle opener with the built-in bottle openers on each side of the frame. 

8) Pocket Tool - Axwell - Mission Multi-Tool Card 

Pocket Tool - Axwell - Mission Multi-Tool Card

The only thing that could make the Axwell Father’s Day bundle better is the Mission Multi-Tool Card. This dynamo of a multi-tool fits snuggly inside of your dad’s Axwell Wallet since it’s about the size of a standard credit card. 

With over 20 different tools engineered into it, the Mission Multi-Tool Card is a force multiplier without having to add on extra bulk to your dad’s EDC. At 0.70 OZ, it’s incredibly light weight, making it a no-brainer to carry every day. 

9) Flask - The Sneerwell Flask Company - The Salty Old Bastard Noble Flask 

Flask - The Sneerwell Flask Company - The Salty Old Bastard Noble Flask

The Sneerwell Flask Company specializes in making aesthetically pleasing drinkware for the spirit enthusiast on the go. Each flask is specially designed to have a rustic look to them that make them look like they’ve been well used for years.

If your dad loves sneaking in a nip or two while out fishing or on the ski-hill, grab him the Salty Old Bastard flask. It’ll make him laugh when he opens it up on Father’s Day and every time he uses it.

10) Lighter - Silver Piston - Buffalo Nickel Zippo Lighter

Lighter - Silver Piston - Buffalo Nickel Zippo Lighter

While cigarette smoking has significantly declined in the last several years here in the US and abroad, there’s still nothing quite like carrying a quality zippo lighter every day. Zippos are great, because they’re refillable and hold a flame, even in windy environments. That means they keep disposable lighters out of the landfill and do their job every time, a win-win in anyone’s book. 

The Buffalo Nickel Zippo Lighter from Silver Piston is designed for the Americano aficionado in your family. With the choice between an American Bison or a Native American Warrior, you can get your dad’s lighter customized to his liking. No matter the design, your dad will love this lighter, guaranteed. 

Final Thoughts

We here at Axwell want to extend a hardy happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there. We know that you work incredibly hard to support and love your families, so from the bottom of our hearts, thank you for what you do every day. 

Axwell Wallet Collection

And for those out buying gifts for your dads this year, get him something that he’ll never expect and that he’ll love to use each and every day. One of the best things you can do is pick up an Axwell Wallet for him. The sleek design securely holds up to 12 cards, making it an upgrade from any traditional wallet.

Stretch your dollar to double up on gifts by signing up for our Axwell Army Newsletter to receive a discount code to use on your next purchase at Axwell and make this Father’s Day the best one yet.

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