10 Father's Day Gifts for Outdoorsy Dads

10 Father's Day Gifts for Outdoorsy Dads

Pst! Did you know that Father’s Day falls on June 16th in 2024?! Well, if you didn’t and you’re scrambling to figure out what to get your dad, we’ve got you covered! 

Dads have always been some of the first ground breakers when it comes to the outdoors. Whether it’s going for a hike or setting up camp for a weekend fishing trip, we’ve all learned quite a bit about the outdoors from the old man. Get him something that he’ll love taking with him on his next trip to the outdoors with one of these 10 awesome Father’s Day gifts for the Outdoorsy dad in your life.

1) Yeti - Tundra Cooler 

Yeti - Tundra Cooler

    One of the first things that anyone grabs when they’re heading to the lake or out to the woods for a weekend of outdoor fun is a cooler. The biggest problems that most coolers have is that they don’t retain ice very well. This is not the case with the Yeti Tundra.

    Yeti set out to solve the issue of ice melting too fast by creating one of the most recognizable coolers on the market today. The roto mold design creates an insulated space between the outside and inside of the cooler, which in turn helps keep the ice cold for longer than traditionally made coolers.

    The Tundra comes in a variety of sizes and colors so that you’ll be able to pick the best one for the dad in your life this year. 

    2) Solo Stove - Bonfire 

    Solo Stove - Bonfire

      The only thing better than a cold beverage on a summer night is a roaring fire. With many areas lacking fire pits (or even well-maintained fire pits), it’s difficult to have a fire safely and responsibly. The Solo Stove Bonfire changes this.

      This awesome portable firepit helps you create a fire that will keep going all night long. The air intake holes machined into each Bonfire helps promote good airflow throughout the fire. This makes fires easy to start and maintain since one of the most important things to keeping a fire going is air!

      The Bonfire is easily transportable, weighing only 20 lbs. This means that your dad can take it with him to the lake, his favorite campground, or even in his own backyard. 

      3) Axwell - Axwell Wallet 

      Axwell - Axwell Wallet

        Your dad’s wallet has likely seen better days. It’s ironic that something that carries some of our most important financial and identification documents is often the least thought of items we carry. That is, until it’s missing!

        The Axwell Wallet is not easily forgotten though. Its sleek design makes it easy to store anywhere on your body. Plus, Axwell has partnered with Chipolo to make keeping track of your wallet easier than ever. If your dad is notorious for forgetting his wallet, bundling the Axwell Wallet with the Chipolo Tracker will ensure that he gets a notification whenever he leaves his wallet behind. And, if he’s really having a tough time locating it, the GPS tracker updates itself to the app so he can find it quickly.

        4) Go Ruck - Rucker 4.0 

        Go Ruck - Rucker 4.0

          Something that a lot of outdoorsy people neglect is regularly training to get outside. When you aren’t able to get out on the trail that you wanted to hike, it can be easy to sit around the house and binge a Netflix show. This ultimately deteriorates your fitness so that when it’s time to go crush some miles on the trail, you’re behind the ball!

          Don’t let dad fall prey to this by picking him up a Rucker 4.0 from Go Ruck. Go Ruck designed the Rucker 4.0 to be the ultimate in weighted hiking training tools. It securely holds up to 75 lbs of weight, so your dad can really get a good workout in by throwing on the pack and going for a walk. 

          5) Leatherman - Wave+ Multi-Tool 

          Leatherman - Wave+ Multi-Tool

            A legendary man deserves a legendary multi-tool. Leatherman has been creating high quality multi-tools for decades. Each one is backed by their 25 year warranty, guaranteeing each tool against any sort of damage. If your tool breaks, send it in and Leatherman will fix it or replace it.

            The most popular model that Leatherman has come out with is the Wave+. With 18 tools neatly folded into a rugged and sleek casing, your dad will be ever ready to meet the challenges of anything he encounters while outside. The pliers are incredibly useful for unhooking fish, while the screwdrivers can be a life saver in a pinch. 

            6) Stanley - Pour Over Set 

            Stanley - Pour Over Set

            There’s nothing quite like waking up in your sleeping bag and enjoying a piping hot cup of coffee in the morning when you’re camping. Dew drops from the grass. Birds chirp from the trees. Life is good.

            If your dad is like most dads, he’ll likely throw some coffee crystals in a mug and pour hot water over them. Don’t let your old man settle for less. Get him a Stanley Perfect Pour Over Set and help him step up his camp coffee game. 

            Stanley has designed thermoses for years to keep beverages hot for hours on end. You can count on the pour over set to craft the perfect cup of coffee every time. Each time your dad pours hot water over the grounds apparatus, it slowly drips down into the included mug to produce a steaming hot cup of coffee in minutes.

            7) Zippo - Emergency Fire Kit 

            Zippo - Emergency Fire Kit

              Having a way to start a fire when you’re outdoors is imperative. You never know when an emergency situation will strike and potentially leave you on your own for hours if not days at a time. During those critical hours, having a means to get warm is essential.

              That’s where the Emergency Fire Kit from Zippo shines. While other means for starting fires like matches and cigarette lighters have a high probability of failing, the Zippos Emergency Fire Kit will get a fire started for you almost instantly. It comes with a flint sparking wheel, 5 special wax treated papers for tinder, and a water proof casing that floats in water. If your dad spends any time in the outdoors, he has to have one of these to keep himself safe.

              8) Jetboil - Flash Cooking System 

              Jetboil - Flash Cooking System

                One of the biggest household names in the backpacking community is Jetboil. These dynamite little stoves pack light and heat water in no time flat. The Jetboil Flash is not only a stove, but an entire cooking system.

                Not only do you get the stove, you also get an attachable 1 liter cook cup. When connected to the Jetboil Flash stove, the cup can have boiling water ready to go for you in less than 2 minutes. This is an especially handy tool to have for backpackers and front country outdoorsmen alike. And hey, the Jetboil Flash would pair nicely with the Stanley Perfect Pour Over Kit!

                9) Oakley - Split Shot

                Oakley - Split Shot

                  Oakley is an internationally recognized brand for good reason. They produce some of the most top of the line sunglasses on the market today. From sports glasses to reading glasses, Oakley makes a style for practically every function.

                  For dads that love being outdoors, it’s important to keep a pair of comfortable sunglasses around at all times. This is what makes the Split Shot an ideal model to pick up your dad this Father’s Day. Not only are they outfitted with the famous Oakley’s polarized lenses, but they are also made out of Oakley’s proprietary O Matter frame material. This keeps the shades light and secure on dad’s face. Not only does O Matter make for a comfortable fit, it also is flexible enough to bend enough stand up to hours of sitting on top of a ball cap. And let’s be honest here, your dad’s summer uniform isn’t complete without sunglasses on top of a baseball hat. 

                  10) CRKT - Berserker Axe 

                  CRKT - Berserker Axe

                    Getting a fire ready to go requires chopping wood into smaller pieces. Otherwise, you can’t get anything to light! That’s why having a high-quality axe on hand for any bonfire is essential. Don’t let dad settle for a plasticky handled axe from Walmart. Pick him up something he’ll be proud to wield on his next camping trip. 

                    The Berserker Axe from CRKT is the perfect wood splitting tool for your dad. Its Viking inspired design makes for an incredibly sharp axe (both in form and in function!). The handle is made out of Tennessee Hickory, which is one of the toughest woods out there. With a 19” length from top to bottom, splitting tinder and kindling will be a breeze for dad.

                    Final Thoughts

                    Getting dad something awesome for Father’s Day doesn’t have to be hard to do. If your dad loves spending time in the great outdoors, he’ll love one of these gifts this year. From coolers to multi-tools, there’s sure to be something on this list that your dad will love using each time he gets outside. And if one of those gifts is an Axwell Wallet, don’t forget to sign up for the Axwell Army newsletter. When you sign up, you’ll automatically receive a discount code to help save some money on that Axwell Wallet for dad!

                    And from all of us at Axwell, we’d like to extend a sincere Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there!

                    Axwell Army

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