10 Best EDC Gear Brands Of All Time

10 Best EDC Gear Brands Of All Time

Creating an EDC kit to get you through the various challenges you face each and every day can be a daunting task. Today, there are literally hundreds, if not thousands of companies offering their own spin off on EDC gear. Each company of course advertising that their gear is the “best” and that it will never fail. Well, the reviews from a lot of these companies beg to differ.

Since there’s been a bit of confusion over which EDC brands are worth your time, we felt it was necessary to curate a list of the best of the best so that as you build out your EDC kit, you’ll have the confidence that you’re making the right purchase. With that in mind, let’s get started discussing the 10 best EDC gear brands of all time!

What to Look for in an EDC Brand?

Not all EDC gear brands are created equal. Some brands tend to only call their gear “tactical” and “suitable for EDC” but they fail to do what the timeless EDC gear brands do. After hours of research, we have uncovered 4 things that the best EDC gear brands all do in order to put out the best EDC gear year after year.

- Innovation -

The best companies out there constantly evaluate their products to ensure that they are not only meeting the expectations of their customers but anticipating their needs. They understand that the world is changing faster than ever before in human history, so the tools that their customers need must consistently meet the challenges of the ever changing 21st century life.

Big i Design

That’s why these companies constantly blow their competition out of the water when it comes to EDC gear. Each one makes it a priority to make positive changes to their products because they always have the final goal in mind: to give you the best tools to deal with a rapidly changing world.

- Originality -

In addition to consistently reevaluating the effectiveness of their gear and making changes accordingly, the best EDC gear brands leave their own mark on the EDC community with designs and styles that are unique to them. The ruggedness of a Gerber Brand knife or the interchangeable Mag-Plates of an Axwell Wallet sets that EDC gear apart from the rest of the pack so you know you’ve got a quality piece of gear that looks good, too.

James Brand

- Quality - 

Each company on our list only uses the best of the best when it comes to materials. They know that the difference in an EDC gear item working and failing comes down to the quality of the materials as well as the design process to give you the toughest, most durable, and most stylish EDC gear items on the market today.

Benchmade Knives

Companies that are worth their salt are transparent in the materials that they use in their products because they have nothing to hide. What’s in their knives, flashlights, wallets, and multi-tools should been known by their customer base. Those that hide behind “proprietary materials” tend to produce inferior products to the companies that proudly display what their stuff is made out of.

- Reputation - 

Each company on our list has the highest reputation for producing not only the best EDC gear, but also in creating a large support system for their customers to draw from should they experience any issues from their gear. Many fly by night companies will source “EDC” gear from overseas and list that they have a customer service hotline you can call if you have issues, but often times those companies send you to a dead phone number and you’re left holding the bag.

Axwell Wallets

The companies on our list not only have amazing customer service, but also unmatched warranties on their products. They go above and beyond to make sure that you can get your EDC gear fixed or replaced quickly, should anything ever go wrong with it. That’s because these EDC gear brands don’t just see their customers as another dollar sign. They see them as valuable members of a bigger EDC community at large and that each company is dedicated to supporting the success of each one of its customers.

Top EDC Brands of All Time

Now that we’ve gone over the key values we used to curate our list, let’s get into the details of each brand on our list!


1) James Brand

Made proudly in Portland, Oregon, James Brand knives are some of the best EDC knives on the market today. Their minimalist designs are not only aesthetically pleasing, but their also incredibly functional. Each knife is carefully crafted with the highest quality materials so that you can feel confident in carrying one all day, every day.

James Brand



WESN combines American tough industrial manufacturing with Swedish minimalism to create some of the most unique and useful knives on the market today. Their flagship knife, known as the Microblade, is a shining example of where the industrial expertise that Detroit Michigan is renowned for meets Swedish minimalist engineering. 


Big I Design

3) Big Idea Design

The main focus at Big Idea Design has always been to create EDC gear that allow you to do more with less. The folks at Big Idea Designs consistently innovate their gear to be the best on the market. Whether it’s pens, multi-tools, or knives, you can rest easy knowing that plenty of time and thought has gone into the designs of each and every one of their products.

Big i Design


4) Axwell

Axwell is one of the most innovative EDC companies on the market today when it comes to one of your most important EDC gear items: your wallet. Axwell always produces the highest quality minimalist wallets so that you can not only carry your most important documents like credit cards and IDs in style, but in RFID blocking Mag Plates that are easily mixed and matched to give you the look you want. And their legendary life-time warranty protects each wallet they make against any defects so that you can have the confidence that your hard-earned cash is well spent.

Axwell EDC Wallets

Prometheus Lights

5) Prometheus Lights

Jason Hui has spent most of his working career creating some of the most intricately designed gear like watches, fly reels, and machine tool accessories. When he got tired of creating gear for other companies and found a need to create the best EDC flashlights available today, the transition was a no-brainer for him. The result? EDC lights that the Greek hero Prometheus himself would have stolen from the gods. Each flashlight is built to last and practically turns night into day with the power held inside its small frame. 

Prometheus Lights


6) Gerber

One of the most recognizable EDC brands on our list is Gerber. Made proudly in Portland, Oregon, the EDC products produced by Gerber are some of the most durable on the market today. In fact, they even partnered with legendary survivalist Bear Grylls to create a series of knives that are sure to get the job done, no matter what environment you find yourself in.

Gerber Gear


7) Benchmade

Another great way to tell if a company is worth your time, attention, and money is to look at how long it’s been in the game. Benchmade has been around since 1980 and has a track record of over 40 years of creating some of the best EDC knives on the market today. Their attention to detail gives you a knife that opens seamlessly and that can stand up to the abuse of being used day in and day out.


Urban EDC Supply

8) Urban EDC Supply

Urban EDC Supply is one of the most unique EDC gear brands on our list. Instead of niching down on a specific product that they manufacture, market, and sell, they have made contacts with many EDC gear manufactures around the world to bring its members a curated list of some of the latest and greatest EDC gear on the market today. Whether you’re looking for a knife, flashlight, or multi-tool, you can trust that Urban EDC Supply has put in the work to bring you together with macro and micro-EDC gear producers to get you the best of the best when it comes to practically any EDC gear item you can think of.

Urban EDC Supply


9) Tactile Knife Co

Something that sets Tactile Knife CO apart from the pack is that they personally handcraft each knife that they sell. Rather than relying on outsourcing their manufacturing process, they meticulously create each knife with their expert staff to get you the best knife possible that fits your wants and needs. Believe us, the 2-week wait period from when you order your knife to when it’s ready is totally worth it. 

Tactile Knife Co


10) Maxpedition

Organization is a key component of EDC because you want to be able to get your gear on your target as soon as possible when problems come up. Maxpedition has dedicated the last 19 years to perfecting EDC organization. The result? They’ve created a line of backpacks and EDC organization tools that sets the industry standard when it comes to the employment of MOLLE so each piece of your EDC kit has a place that can easily be accessed in a moment’s notice.


Final Thoughts

Now that we’ve gone through the top EDC gear brands of all time, you now have a solid list of companies to source your next piece of gear to add to or upgrade your EDC kit with. We’re confident that no matter which company you go with, you’ll find a piece of EDC gear that will meet each of your needs for years to come. And be sure to keep an eye out for special discounts to help you save a bit of cash so you can stretch that dollar further to get more quality EDC gear!

A great place to help you get started with that is by signing up for the Axwell Army Newsletter by clicking here. Once you do, you’ll be emailed a special discount code for your first Axwell Wallet purchase. Sign up today and save!

Axwell Army

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