Axwell Wallet - Nebula Damascus

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Lifetime Warranty.

Invest in your future with the Axwell Wallet - a purchase that will last a lifetime. Say goodbye to constantly replacing your wallet every few months or year and instead invest in a product that will bring you peace of mind for years to come. Trust us - your future self will thank you.

Built to Last.

Experience the pinnacle of security and durability with the Axwell Wallet. Crafted from military-grade materials, this wallet provides unparalleled protection against RFID theft, safeguarding your personal information. Built to last, the wallet is expertly crafted to withstand the test of time, ensuring that you'll never have to purchase another wallet again.

Mag-Lock™ Technology.

With our revolutionary Mag-Lock™ technology, changing up your wallet's look is a breeze thanks to interchangeable cover plates. And with the added convenience of a cash strap and money clip, you can create a completely custom wallet that meets all of your specific needs.

RFID Blocking.

Keep your personal information and financial data secure with the Axwell Wallet and its advanced RFID Secure Technology. Crafted with a unique metal composite, this wallet is expertly designed to block RFID signals and protect your chip-enabled cards from the threat of identity theft.

100,000+ Customers.

Believe the hype! With a remarkable track record, over 100,000 customers have placed their trust in Axwell when it comes to our wallets. Our commitment to quality, style, and functionality has earned us the loyalty and satisfaction of discerning individuals worldwide. Join the ranks of satisfied customers and experience the Axwell difference for yourself.


Customer Reviews

Based on 1046 reviews

I love this wallet so far, and I don’t expect I’ll fall out of love with it. The colour is brilliant and so pretty. It’s built with extreme toughness, and will definitely withstand time and handling. I found the money clip and strap a very useful feature, and so far I have both in use together. I might remove the strap, just so I can enjoy the colour of my wallet unobstructed. I have 10 cards inside, including driver license and other ID. I need to get accustomed to fanning my cards out effectively, but this will come with practice. So far, this wallet has replaced 3 bulky plastic folders I was using, and saved me time at checkout in stores. Everything I need is easily accessible in my purse, in one wallet. I really love it. If I were to critique anything, I’d say maybe the mag lock tech should be a little more powerful. I find that the cover plates pop off rather easily when I put one finger under the cash strap. I feel the magnets should have more grip. Overall, very satisfied.


Everything about this company is good. Quality wallets assessories and even help homeless veterans. I can’t say enough about them or their products and the fact that they are one of only companies that actually care and respond to their customers!! Love Axwell for life!!!’ 💗

Robyn W. (Montreal, CA)


Robert R. (Edmonton, CA)
Good product

Is an excellent product, only complaint is I’m a cash carrier and it’s not the most cash friendly

Andrew T. (Seattle, US)
So far so good

It's holding up rather well. No issues. I like the look and weight of it.

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