Rambo Knife - Ultimate Guide To Rambo's Knives

Rambo Knife - Ultimate Guide To Rambo's Knives

The Rambo Knife: A Timeless Icon of Action and Adventure. From the gritty streets of Hope, Washington to the treacherous jungle of Burma, the Rambo Knife has been a constant companion to John Rambo on his missions of survival and vengeance. For over 37 years, fans of the Rambo franchise have been captivated by the deadly efficiency and versatility of this legendary blade. Rambo First Blood Knife

In this blog post, we'll take a look at the history of all Rambo knives used in the series, starting with the original First Blood film in 1982, and ending with the latest installment in 2019. From the handcrafted masterpieces of Jimmy Lile to the officially licensed replicas, we'll explore the evolution of the Rambo Knife and its impact on the world of knives and popular culture.

History of Rambo Knives

Rambo: First Blood Knife - 1982

Rambo: First Blood Knife

Overall Size: 13.75 inches

Blade Size: 9 inches

Handle Size: 4.8 inches

Blade Material: Stainless Steel

Handle Material: Wire Cord Wrap

The Rambo First Blood Knife is a iconic weapon used in the 1982 movie "First Blood". The knife was designed by legendary knifemaker Jimmy Lile and was used by the main character, John Rambo, played by Sylvester Stallone.

The knife was made of stainless surgical steel and the majority of the blade was finished with a dull sand-blast gray. The blade not only formed a sharp point, but also had 14 saw teeth on the top of the blade, which could be used for cutting through materials such as wood, metal, and barbed wire.

Rambo Knife: Jimmy Lile and Sylvester Stallone

The handle was wrapped in green nylon chord and was hollow, with a screw-on cap containing a survival kit. The knife also had a compass on the end of the handle and the blade guard at the base of the handle served as a screwdriver. The knife was mounted on a stick to be used as a spear, and the sheath was made of dark brown leather with a pouch for a sharpening stone and a leather lanyard.

The Rambo First Blood Knife was an essential weapon in the film, and Rambo used it to make traps and hunt, as well as to sew up his own wounds. The knife has become a trademark of the character, and its design has inspired countless replicas and imitations, both official and unofficial.

Rambo First Blood Knife Survival Kit

Although there have been some variations in the design over the years, the Rambo First Blood Knife remains a classic and timeless symbol of survival, strength, and determination.

Rambo: First Blood - Part II Knife - 1985

Rambo: First Blood - Part II Knife

Overall Size: 15.5 inches

Blade Size: 10 inches

Handle Size: 5.5 inches

Blade Material: Stainless Steel

Handle Material: Wire Cord Wrap

The knife used in the movie "Rambo: First Blood Part II" was also designed by Jimmy Lile and referred to as the "Mission" knife. It was based on a classic aviator knife design from World War II and Vietnam, which was used as a last resort tool in emergency situations.

Rambo: First Blood - Part II - 1985

The knife was larger than the original aviator design and had a 10-inch blade, which was black in color with polished edges. The handle was hollow aluminum and contained a mini survival kit with a precision compass, matches, needles, hooks, etc. The handle was covered in black nylon cordage, and the guard had a Phillip's head and flat head screwdriver and lashing holes. The blade was made of stainless steel and had a Bowie clip point and saw teeth.

Approximately 100 "Mission" knives with black blades and bright edges were created, and around 800 to 1000 unnumbered knives with gray bead blasted finishing were also produced. A special Rambo II knife was custom ordered to have 13 saw teeth.

Rambo: First Blood - Part II - Knife

The knife was stored in a handmade black leather sheath and Rambo used to carry a sharpening stone in a pouch outside the sheath. The official licensed copies of the knife were 15 3/8 inches long, with a thickness of ¼ inch, made from 420 J2 stainless steel, and had a screwed in tang design.

Rambo III Knife - 1988 

Rambo III Knife

Overall Size: 18 inches

Blade Size: 13 inches

Handle Size: 5 inches

Blade Material: Stainless Steel

Handle Material: Wood

The Rambo III knife is a famous knife that was used in the 1988 movie "Rambo III". The knife was designed and created by Gil Hibben, a renowned knife maker and custom knifemaker from LaGrange, Kentucky. 

The knife features a blood slot cut into the blade, which helps to break the suction when it is stabbed into flesh or meat. On the spine of the blade, there are five slanting curves, which represent the men in Rambo's unit. The knife was originally manufactured by United Cutlery, but due to bankruptcy, the company name and assets were purchased and the company was restarted in Thomasville, Georgia. Since United Cutlery no longer had the right to use the Rambo name, they changed the name of the knife to Hibben III.

Rambo III Knife

The knife is highly sought after by collectors and is still being manufactured by Master Cutlery/Hollywood Collectibles group and United Cutlery (now known as Hibben Knives). The knives come with a hand-signed certificate of authenticity and a custom leather sheath and padded carrying case.

Rambo IV Knife - 2008

Rambo IV Knife

Overall Size: 18 inches

Weight: 3.8 pounds

Blade Material: Stainless Steel

Handle Material: Goatskin leather handle wrap

The Rambo IV machete was created for the 2008 film "Rambo." It was designed by Sylvester Stallone and Gil Hibben. Stallone asked for a brutal design, and Hibben delivered with a heavy chopping blade.

The knife was 18 inches long and made from ¼ inch thick D2 high carbon steel, with a flat ground blade and hammer depressions. The handle was wrapped with military-grade paracord over leather pads and covered with black grip tape. The sheath was from Rambo III, but the end was cut off to fit the wider blade.

Rambo IV machete knife

Hibben made over a dozen handmade copies of the machete for the movie and a limited edition for collectors. He later licensed the design to United Cutlery, who made factory replicas, and Master Cutlery and Hollywood Collectable Group also sell replica copies.

The handmade copies are marked with a JR2 and come with a black sheath and either a cammo or black handle wrap. They are made from ¼ inch thick D2 Carbon Steel, heat treated and semi-polished, with a handle made from two leather pads wrapped in nylon military-grade paracord and covered in cloth grip tape. The leather sheath is handmade and custom fitted to the blade.

Rambo IV machete knife

It is worth noting that the movie prop department made an aluminum copy for safety in close combat scenes, which was evaluated by Hibben and approved with a few cosmetic changes.

Rambo: Last Blood Knives - 2019

Rambo: Last Blood Knives

Overall Size: MK-9 (15 inches) / MK-8 (14 inches)

Blade Size: MK-9 (9 inches) / MK-8 (8 inches)

Blade Material: MK-9 / MK-8 (Stainless Steel)

Handle Material: MK-9 (Micarta) / MK-8 (Wood)

The "Rambo Last Blood" knife used in the fifth Rambo movie produced in 2019 was designed by German custom knife designer Dietmar Pohl.

The movie features two knives designed by Pohl, the MK-9 and the MK-8.

The MK-9 is the larger knife and is nicknamed the "Heartstopper." It pays homage to the survival knife in "First Blood" and has a 9 inch blade made of Niolox steel with a two-tone satin finish. The handle is made of olive drab canvas Micarta and the guard is titanium. The "skull crusher" pommel adds to its tactical aesthetic.

Rambo: Last Blood Knives

The MK-8 is a smaller knife that pays respect to the bowie design that influenced the "First Blood" knife. It has a 7.8 inch blade made of Niolox steel, an ebony wood handle, and a titanium guard.

Final Thoughts

Rambo: First Blood Knife

Rambo knife has become an iconic symbol of the action movie genre, and its design has evolved with each film. From the rugged, makeshift First Blood knife, to the more refined and specialized knives in later films, each weapon played an important role in the story and added to the character of John Rambo.

The knife has become a popular item among collectors and fans, and it continues to inspire new generations of knife enthusiasts. Whether you're a fan of the films or simply admire the craftsmanship of the knives, the history of Rambo's weapons is a fascinating chapter in the world of knives.

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