Tactical Wallets - Everything You Need to Know

Tactical Wallets - Everything You Need to Know

The word “tactical” gets placed on a lot of stuff these days. Everywhere you look, someone is slapping on the tag “tactical” onto practically any and everything that is blacked out and has a picture of a guy wearing a war fighting kit. But just because something is blacked out and labeled “tactical” doesn’t make it actually tactical.

Axwell Tactical Wallets

At its core, being tactical is all about being carefully planned to ensure that your goals are met. Just about anything can be made tactical with the right planning in how that item is designed and eventually will be employed. So, what makes a wallet worthy of wearing the title of being “tactical?” Well, in this post we’ll go over everything that goes into wading through all the marketing schemes these days, so you know how to identify a true-blue tactical wallet over one that’s just pretending to be tactical. Let’s get started.

What is a Tactical Wallet?

Axwell Tactical Wallets

Tactical wallets are all about eliminating the excess materials that many traditional trifold and bifold wallets have and focus on reinforcing protecting the items you mostly carry throughout your day. 

Most guys today don’t carry more than a few bucks worth of cash in their wallets. The main thing that occupies the cavernous spaces within traditional wallets are credit cards and debit cards. 

So, if most are only carrying credit cards today, why have all of that extra space? Tactical wallets are designed specifically to take away the excess so that you can securely carry all of the cards you need to get through your day in one easy to carry spot. 

Now that’s not to say that tactical wallets aren’t capable of carrying cash or even coins. They’re just more efficient in their design features so that the main purpose of the wallet isn’t to be a collection point for wads of cash and months old receipts. 

What to Look for in a Tactical Wallet

Axwell Tactical Wallets

Now that we’ve established what a tactical wallet is, what are some of the features that you need to be on the lookout for when you’re trying to make the switch from traditional wallets to tactical wallets? How can you tell the legit from the pretenders?

There are a few key areas that set tactical wallets apart from traditional wallets. These include:

- Materials -

Tactical wallets are made from lightweight materials to ensure that your wallet doesn’t weigh you down. A lot of the time, tactical wallets eliminate leather from their manufacturing process as leather can be rather bulky and create more weight than is necessary to house your cards. 

- Durability -

In addition to being made out of lighter weight materials, tactical wallets are also incredibly durable compared to traditional leather wallets. Metal and carbon fiber are usually some of the best materials that you’ll find tactical wallets made from. These materials create not only a lightweight wallet because less metal is used to create the wallet, but they also are able to withstand the constant friction caused from moving your wallet in and out of your pocket over time. 

Axwell Tactical Wallets

- Style - 

The hallmark of the tactical wallet is that it’s minimalist in nature. Forging the metal in an intentional way to make it lighter than a traditional leather wallet demands that less material is used. What that translates into is a wallet that carries only the essentials since there isn’t space to carry excess materials.

- Special Features - 

In addition to being minimalist in nature, tactical wallets are also capable of adding accessories to it in order to maximize the utility of the wallet. Not only can you carry your credit cards, IDs, and cash in a tactical wallet, but you can also add accessories like small multi-tools, flashlights, and even knives to the inside of the wallet. 

And if that weren’t enough, certain tactical wallets today are also crafted with RFID blocking plates to eliminate the threat of having your credit card information stolen by modern day thieves. 

- Warranty - 

At the end of the day, the warranty offered with practically any product is going to tell you a lot about how confident the company you’re purchasing your wallet from is in their product. Life-time warranties are the pinnacle of warranties. So when you see that a life-time warranty is offered on a tactical wallet, you know that company has so much confidence in its product that they’re willing to repair or replace your wallet free of charge.

What Makes the Axwell Wallet the Best Tactical Wallet?

Axwell Tactical Wallets

With all of those factors to keep in mind, it can be tough to begin looking for the best tactical wallet out there today. As mentioned at the beginning, there are tons of companies out there claiming that their wallets are second to none and “the best tactical wallets” on the market today. However, one wallet stands apart from the rest and can truly claim the title of being the best tactical wallet. Hands down, the best tactical wallet you can purchase today is the Axwell Wallet. Why? Well, let’s take a dive into the features that set it apart from the pack.

Unmatched Durability

Axwell Wallets are forged from the world’s finest materials and anodized to perfection. Whether you choose to pick up a copper, aluminum, brass, titanium, or even carbon fiber wallet, you’ll be able to rest easy knowing that your wallet can stand up to everyday use for years and years to come. 

And for carrying your cash, each Axwell Wallet is outfitted with their new trademarked Tear-Stop elastic track. So not only are you able to securely carry your credit cards and IDs inside of the wallet, but your cash is also well protected inside of an Axwell Wallet.

Sleek, Lightweight Design

The metals used to forge the Axwell Wallet are not only durable, but also incredibly lightweight. Weighing in at a mere 2.60 oz. the aluminum Axwell Wallet practically disappears inside of your pocket. And the carbon fiber Axwell Wallet is even lighter, weighing in at 2.25 oz. 

Regardless of the material that you get, each Axwell Wallet is also incredibly compact for efficient carrying of your cards. Each Axwell Wallet is capable of carrying between 1-12 cards inside of its 86x54x8mm frame, which is impressive considering how small it is. 

Axwell Tactical Wallets


And if the size and weight weren’t enough, each Axwell Wallet is completely customizable to fit your style with Axwell’s trademarked Mag-Lock plates. These plates can be easily swapped out to give you the exact style and look you want to match the rest of your gear.

But the adaptability of the Axwell Wallet doesn’t end there. When you pick up an Axwell Wallet, you get two options for carrying your cash: the cash strap and the money clip. You can swap out the cash carrying component to meet your preferences so that you have a wallet that meets your own goals without having to go out and purchase extra accessories to meet the basic functions of the wallet

The Axwell Wallet is also capable of adding more accessories to maximize its utility beyond a traditional wallet. When you purchase an Axwell Wallet, you should also strongly consider adding the Axwell Multitool Card, the Chipolo Tracker, and the Coin Tray. Each of these items multiplies the usefulness of your wallet beyond carrying cards and cash.

The Multitool Card gives you access to 23 different tools and easily slides inside of your wallet like another credit card. The Chipolo Tracker eliminates the issue of losing your wallet as the tiny GPS tracker that slides seamlessly into the wallet can connect to the Chipolo app. Your wallet is always within arm’s reach with the Chipolo Tracker. And the coin tray makes it easy to carry not only loose change, but also small valuables like keys and jewelry.

Axwell Tactical Wallets

Theft Protection

The Chipolo Tracker isn’t the only way that the Axwell Wallet is guarded against theft. One of the most common ways that people have their money stolen from them today is through portable RFID (radio frequency identification) readers. 

You know how there are tap to pay options at most retailers today? Well, they work by reading a small radio frequency tag that is linked to your credit card. When you scan your card, a signal picks up the card info and charges your card.

This modern-day convenience is great, until thieves figured out how to hijack that technology to ripping your credit card info without you ever knowing. 

Each Axwell Wallet is outfitted with RFID blocking technology to thwart any attempt that bad actors make to stealing your credit card information. 

The Almighty Warranty

And as we mentioned earlier, one of the best ways to tell if a company has confidence in its product is by the warranty they offer. Each Axwell Wallet is backed by a lifetime warranty. Ever have an issue with your wallet? Simply contact customer service and put in a request to get your wallet repaired or replaced at no extra cost to you for the entire lifetime of your wallet

Axwell Tactical Wallets

Final Thoughts

As you can see, tactical wallets have several factors that set them apart from regular, traditional wallets. They’re incredibly durable, lightweight, and are capable of being modified to help you reach the goals that are important to you. 

If you’re ready to make the switch to the best tactical wallet on the market today, be sure to sign up for the Axwell Army Newsletter by clicking here. Once you do, you’ll get sent a special discount code to your email address so you can get a discount on your first tactical wallet purchase.

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