Why the Axwell Wallet Makes the Perfect Gift for Men

Why the Axwell Wallet Makes the Perfect Gift for Men

It’s that time of year again. That father’s day, graduation, birthday, holiday, anniversary, whatever it might be, it’s here. And that means that you’re likely wracking your brain over what to get that special man in your life to demonstrate your love and admiration to them! They do so much for you on the daily and deserve something that will show them just how much you value their hard work and dedication.

Axwell Wallet Gift Set

But buying for men can be tough. The last thing you want to do is buy some regiftable things that adds to the list of things to do he has going on. You want to give him something that he’ll get a lot of use out of and will create peace in his life rather than add chaos!

Enter the Axwell Wallet. It’s something that the man in your life won’t be expecting and will be the gift he’ll love for years to come. If you’ve never heard about the Axwell Wallet before, no worries! We’ve got 7 great reasons why the Axwell Wallet makes the perfect gift for men.

1) Daily Use

Axwell Wallet Collection

What is one thing that you can definitively point at and say, “he uses that every day”? What’s the one thing the man in your life never leaves home without? His wallet! Everything he needs is inside of it. Credit cards, driver’s license, and health insurance cards are all critical for daily activity in the 21st century. 

With the amount of use that wallets get every day, you’d figure that leather wallet companies would make a more durable wallet. Well, that’s where the Axwell Wallet shines. It’s superior aluminum design keeps its integrity for years and years to come without needing to replace it. That means that every time he reaches into his pocket to pull out his wallet, it’ll be a reminder of how much you think of him and value him for years and years to come. It’s really just the gift that keeps on giving!

2) Affordable

Axwell Wallet Gift Set

If you’re like many others out there today, the costs of goods keep going up but your paychecks sure don’t. One of the number one things that people worry about today are finances. From rent to groceries, the constant inflation of prices seems to never end!

But that doesn’t mean that quality men’s gifts are out of reach. The Axwell Wallet is one of the best gifts that you could get for your man. They’re incredibly affordable starting at $80 USD, which is pretty impressive for the number of benefits that you can get from owning an Axwell Wallet

And as mentioned earlier, metal wallets like the Axwell Wallet last for years on end. Their ultra-tough designs don’t break down and get ratty like leather wallets do, which means that you’re getting more bang for your buck.

3) Lifetime Warranty

Axwell Wallet WarrantyAnd don’t worry about the life events that happen. Extraordinary things have happened to things that were supposed to be indestructible (ever seen the Titanic?). While the Axwell Wallet is truly built like a tank, we realize that it’s important to give those who invest and believe in us the peace of mind that they truly deserve when it comes to the thing that carries their most important items every day. 

That’s why each Axwell Wallet is covered by a lifetime warranty. If your man’s Axwell Wallet ever has any issues, needs an elastic replaced, or has any one of the pieces fail, get in contact with us. We’ve got an easy procedure to get you in contact with our customer support specialists to ensure that the wallet gets back to you in excellent working order. 

4) Gift Box

Presentation is one of the best parts about getting gifts. Why else do you think that there are companies that have built long lasting and profitable businesses around wrapping paper!? The packaging and wrapping paper begin the excitement of giving and receiving gifts. Something important must be hidden away in a package that looks so good!

That’s why each Axwell Wallet is thoughtfully placed in our sleek matte black gift boxes. These look so great that you may need to remind your man that the gift is actually inside of the box!

5) Cover Plates

Axwell Wallet Cover Plates

Another great thing about the Axwell Wallet is that the outside metal cover plates are 100% replaceable. This ensures that your man’s Axwell Wallet is looking great no matter what. If it ever gets dented or scratched, he can easily order a replacement cover plate to make the wallet as good as new. 

Plus, our cover plates come in all sorts of designs. This makes the Axwell Wallet’s look customizable to reflect the style and values of each carrier. There are many wallets out there, make your man’s Axwell Wallet as unique as he is!

6) Customizable with Accessories

Axwell Wallet Coin Tray

Customization doesn’t stop at the RFID blocking cover plates. Not by a long shot! One hesitation many people have about switching to a metal wallet like the Axwell Wallet is that there simply isn’t the same amount of volume that you can store as with a traditional leather wallet. 

We’ve anticipated these problems by providing better solutions that actually add to the utility and security of the metal wallet than leather wallets ever could!

The Axwell Wallet comes standard with a cash strap and money clip in the box to customize how your man wants to carry his cash in addition to the 12 cards he can carry in it. 

And if he’s paying for things with cash, he’ll likely need somewhere to store coins since the inside of the wallet won’t have enough space to carry loose change. Enter the coin tray. This sleek little addition is a great accessory for the Axwell Wallet since it easily attaches to the wallet, while keeping its profile nice and slim. 

For peace of mind, you’ll also want to get the Axwell x Chipolo Tracker Bundle and the multitool card. The tracker bundle provides the peace of mind that if the wallet is ever lost or stolen, you’ll be able to track down the lost wallet through the Chipolo app. And the multitool is one of the best things to have on hand as it has tons of functional tools to help out in just about any scenario your man can run into for a quick fix!

7) Supporting Veterans

Veterans Community Project

We wouldn’t be here today as a company to provide you with the top tier quality gifts like the Axwell Wallet if it weren’t for the men and women that serve our country every day. They do so much to defend our freedom and earn so little in return that we felt that it was only right to ensure that a portion of the proceeds from every sale are donated to homeless veterans.

Not only do we support our veteran community, we also support all active duty military and first responder personnel. We believe that we need to take care of the people that take care of us, so every one of these fine men and women receive a 15% discount on each purchase they make all year long.

Final Thoughts

Axwell Wallet Copper

As you can see, the Axwell Wallet really is the ideal gift for men. Its sleek design is sure to impress the man in your life while the functionality of the 12 cards it can hold as well as the RFID blocking technology will keep each one of them safe, giving him peace of mind wherever he carries it. Each time he picks it up, you’ll be on his mind as a reminder of the kindness and attention you showed him by gifting such a great addition to his life. 

So, make the right call. Gift an Axwell Wallet today. It makes the perfect Father’s Day, Christmas, Birthday, Anniversary, Graduation, or Valentine’s Day gift!

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